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Ski ball and more!

i Zombie #14

I am very happy that i Zombie has been nominated for an Eisner Award just like American Vampire! Both series are well deserved and I hope one of them wins!!!! Gwen is fulfilling a final request from a woman named Susan's brain she recently ate. The request is to win the ski ball championship with the team Susan used to be on. And guess what.... they win! Gwen sees Amon at the arcade or whatever the place is called, and he confesses that he actually loves ski ball. He also tries to coax Gwen into working with him and killing people for his plan. Gwen keeps denying it. Zombies are becoming a lot more common around town as Horatio is fighting off a couple. Ellie finds Spot in the sink hole and she sees that he's been defending himself against zombies.  Galatea finds Gwen and wants her to work with her but Gwen says no. Ellie races to Gwen to tell her that they have to get Spot out of the catacombs, which Galatea over hears and now goes to the catacombs for herself.  
The Dead Presidents discuss their findings and we get to see the head of the team which seems to be Abe Lincon! 

I probably say the same thing for every issue of this series but hey I do love this series! This issue was fun, exciting, and awesome! This issue is bringing certain things together which I like, like Galatea meeting Gwen. Each story right now is very interesting and I'm excited to see more! There are certain little things in this issue that I enjoy like the little nods to Madman and stuff like that! I also didn't realize this in the last issue but the Dead Presidents are each named after presidents! I thought that was so cool and seeing this Abe Lincoln guy as the captain is very cool. 
Art: The comination of Michael Allred's penciling and Laura Allred's colors is always a fantastic pleasure to see! They were amazingly together! Gwen's skin color stood out to me in this issue for some reason, it looked very nice and it had a mysterious blue radiance to it! 
The BAD!

Though this series is great for what it is, but I have to question myself, where is this story going? Is there going to be some big story lines and major revelations in Gwen's life. How far is this gonna go, because the vampires seem to just be staying where they are right now. Like they're not doing anything. The Dead president story felt a little flat in this issue. 

Still a terrific issue, definitely pick it up! 4.5 out of 5!!!!

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    The fun thing about Izombie is that the creative team of the Allreds (Mike and Laura) and Chris Roberson bring comics back to the fun level it was suppose to be about.  There has to be a perversion (or seduction) of the innocence of what make comics "Funny books" for it to be the mature medium that is the Vertigo Edge.  Izombie is a great example of such seduction, Mike Allred's "pop" art makes any age want to look at the book, but the concepts Roberson explores pushes at our thought and morals....

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