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Lets put a stake through these vampires already



The cover I thought was really stupid. The art was cool just the concept was not. Why is Gwen floating in the Vampires bodies? It just had nothing to do with the story or the series.


Gwen goes sees an old friend because her mother was the last brain that Gwen had and has been talking to Gwen about her daughter. Her friend is a little freaked out because Gwen is suppose to be dead but she still listens to Gwen. In the end Gwen asks what happened to her friend’s brother but find out that it was her brother and that she is forgetting. Spot meets up with Ellie and shows Ellie that his grandfather is a monkey. Claire is still working with Galatia and it seems that Galatia’s motives are a mystery. Then the other set of Vampires catch Horatio’s partner and Horatio has to save him from the vampires.

Best Part

I really liked to see more of Gwen with her old friends and seeing part of her old life being unfolded. Even seeing that she has a brother will be a great story to explore. The great thing about this book is it has mystery but it does not stretch out to far that you are tired of not knowing and it turns into boringness. The mystery is just right.

Worst Part

I have not been a fan of the vampires since the get go. So there stories bother me. Especially Claire’s story I just feel she is annoying character. Her story bores me and maybe she should get a stake through her heart soon. I would mind if that would happen to the other Vampires also.


Classic I zombie Art. It is perfect. The art is so original and different from other things. I really love the uniqueness.

Pick it up or not

Pick it up!!!

3 ½ out of 5

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