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"Leave them on the verge of true death..."

In this issue of I, Zombie there is more plot development. I feel this series pacing is really off-set monthly because of the House of Mystery Halloween Annuals.  This series is slowed down because not all the monthly I, Zombie readers have read these short stores from the annuals.Gwen's brother was teased in previous issues and this issue makes bigger waves in that department.  It is nice that we see more Human Gwen because even with the annuals I feel this story hasn't explored her Human life that much yet.  I want to say this series is a year old, but because of the short stories it kind of is not and that is why there is so much plot development.  We still don't know a lot about any of the characters and there are so many now.
This comic does a good job to juggle the characters.  Spot and Ellie are not ignored.  The Vampires get attention, both camps.  The Monster slayers have a great plot developing.  Most importantly Gwen gets a lot of highlight, because of the current host she shares her body with Chris Roberson can develop Gwen's back story while advancing the plot.  Although it feels slow I don't think there is wasted paged .
As usual Mike Allred is stellar on art if the Pop art is your thing.  I like to point out the cover.  Very Greek Street.  Three Vampires are like the Chorus Girls and Gwen is roaming around free.  Great cover.
Overall, unless you invest in the Halloween Annuals as well, I think this series is better read in trade. It was a good read, but unless you see the whole picture,  I would wait.
- Silkcuts.

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