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Three powerful Ixis Mages named Agunus Rhino, Nusgau Bat, and Suguna Lobster mastered each element earth, wind and water. Each learned from each other elemental magic until they could learn no more from each other that is when they sought out magical element fire. They competed for the power of the sun. Their powers fused them into one being.


After Ixis Naugus came to be he offered his services to King Fredrick Acorn and became royal acorns royal wizard. That was when he founded the pocket dimension known as the Zone of Silence and distantly developed it.

When the Great War started Naugus escaped into the Zone of Silence. In zone of silence he had god-like power and perfected crystalline magic where he used to protect other inmates for a price of servitude. Many year later when he escaped he later planed to rule the world. upon his arrival he fought Sonic the Hedgehog and was banished again to the Zone of Silence. When he was banished he fused with the Void. He was later summoned Uma Arachnis one of his former servents. When he was summoned he must to yield to Mammoth Mogul because he was the founder of the Order of Ixis. He was later sealed by the egg grapes

With his lost of sanity and power he was nothing more than Mongul's pet until Geoffrey St. John restored him with a chaos emerald


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