Character » Ivy appears in 8 issues.

    One of the most iconic characters in the Soul Calibur/Edge, she is the poster babe of the series.

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    She was conceived when Soul Edge schemed to create a new host should Cervantes become unable to fulfill his duty. Cervantes, under this influence, raped the daughter of the owner of the Black Tail Inn, who gave birth to Ivy and left her in the care of the noble Valentine household in London. After her adoptive father passed away, she sought to continue his research of Soul Edge through alchemy. She eventually discovered its true properties and sets out to destroy it in memory of her parents.

    She joins Nightmare, unaware he wielded Soul Edge, and serves him in slaughters under the belief she'd get to Soul Edge throught this. Later confronted by Taki, she discovers the truth of her birth and her father's identity from her.

    After a lot of soul searching, she decides to destroy everything related to Soul Edge. She conducts even MORE research on finding a way to destroy Soul Edge and learns of Soul Calibur, the cursed sword's polar opposite. She closes in on finding a way to wield Soul Calibur, but Cervantes attacks her by surprise and steals her soul. Luckily she finds a way to escape that fate by putting the artificial soul of the homunculus she was creating into herself. Her whip sword's style changes accordingly to her new body, and she sets out one last time to destroy Soul Edge once and for all.

    She encounters Cervantes and defeats him, bearing witness to the disappearance of Soul Edge into a vortex in the process. Knowing that this was not the end, she went back to her home and began researching into the strange anomaly she saw. Devising a potential new way to destroy the sword over the course of 17 years, her body remains unaged due to her cursed blood, and she complete her lifelong quest...


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