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The character dubbed Ivy first made an appearance in the series by DC Comics titled the Legion of Super-Heroes Vol.4 #51, 1993. She was introduced to the series short lived "5-Year Gap" storyline by Tom McGraw and Mark Waid.


Ivy is a young pre-teen in the 30th century from the planet Earth. She is gifted with the power to understand flora around her immediate surroundings. She ends up being studied for muta-gene traits once she arrives at the prison water planet Quarantine.

Major Storylines

5-Year Gap/Five Years Later

Ivy is a young girl who lived on Quarantine after being placed there by her parents, who were concerned by her persistent stories about conversations with plant life.

"This kids got some deep roots"

Ivy displayed high intelligence when examined, but would display anger and hostility when other did not believe her claims about talking with plant life.

While on Quarantine, Ivy developed a close friendship with Kent Shakespeare. Kent was the first to suggest that Ivy does actually communicate with plants, and requested time and funds to study her abilities further.

Ivy was quite upset when Kent started spending more time with the reformed Legion. But after teaming up with some of the other super-powered kids at Quarantine in battle against Grimbor, she told Kent that she was okay now that she had a team of her own to lead.

Shortly after this time Ivy and the rest of the current Legion timeline would be cease to exist due to Zero-Hour storyline. Ivy has not been brought into any of the current Legion continuities.

Powers and Abilities

Ivy displayed the muta-gene abilities to communicate with flora around her vicinity. She can retrieve general information from vegetation by some kind of plant-emphatic connection by asking them directly.


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