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Ivory Fontaine is a teenage girl who lives in a world of goth kids and vampires. She's best friends with her sister Iris' ex-boyfriend Samson. Samson is a serious yet caring man who works late night shifts at the local Borders and an up and coming novelist. He constantly looks after her and drives her to school after long nights of dancing at the local goth clubs. She lives this life on a frequent basis until Thanksgiving. During Thanksgiving dinner her mother, Izzy, invites her new 'love' to have dinner with her and her two daughters, Ivory and Iris. During the course of a dinner an already buzzed Izzy reveals to Ivory of the move they would take to Missouri in order to live with Ted's family and a distraught Ivory runs out to the night.

She finds herself at a local goth club where she meets a young blond haired man named Xander who asks her for a dance and she promptly refuses. She tells him that she enjoys dancing alone and Xander just dances near her. By the end of her solo dance Xander gives Ivory tickets to an exclusive club. Ivory questions him about it but he answers that it's so exclusive that it's not well known.Just as he's leaving her night of hard partying she comes across another girl who's neck has been slashed open and whose desperately asking for help. Ivory panics and runs away commenting on how much blood she's seen and internally how exciting and exhilirating it is for her.

A few days later as Samson picks her up to drive her to school she asks him to drive her to the exclusive club and he does leaving her there with the company of an older friend named Sally. Sally and Ivory enter the club where they are met with stares from all around although they seem oblivious to it. It isn't long before Xander finds them and asks Ivory for a dance where she quickly obliges. During the course of the dance there's some mild flirtation and by the end it ends Xander sweeps Ivory off to another area of the club, to the second floor. They sit and listen to the band playing when Xander offers her a pill and after a brief pause Ivory accepts it and consumes it. Xander tells her that it will be a few minutes before it takes affect and to just relax which she does.

It isn't long after that Ivory is assaulted by a medley of different dreams and visions where she's in a large ocean of blood and skeletons are coming at her at all sides. She struggles to fight them off but they keep dragging her deeper into the crimson liquid. She fights for as long as she can before she's overcome and she seemingly drowns in her vision. No one knows how she gets home from her pill induced hallucinations but it's days before she speaks to anyone from the outside world. And both her mother and Samson both assume she's sick. Samson calls her and she picks up the phone to talk to him briefly before licking her wrist and hands inexplicable. By the time they hang up she gets up to discover her mother dead on the floor with blood all over her body. Ivory in a panic looks around and finds her own body covered in blood. She assumes she killed her mother and tries desperately to call Samson who is unavailable.

Still shocked and disturbed by knowing that she 'killed' her mother she hurries off to Samson's house where she finds him just as he heads out for work. They hurry inside where Ivory confesses to Samson that she killed her mother and Samson just chocks it up to her being delirious and sick before he asks her if she took anything when she went to the club. She confesses to him that she had and after a brief blow out of words Ivory runs out in tears.

Remembering the stories of her friend Sally's new boyfriend and how he claims he's a Vampire she calls Sally and asks if she can come over. After Sally agrees she heads over there where she's met by both Sally and Esque, Sally's boyfriend. While there Ivory asks Esque if he's really a Vampire where he tells her that he is and he tells them his story of how he turned. While listening to him Ivory surmises that it must have been Esque that attacked the girl at the club during Thanksgiving and he confesses to it. During the course of their conversation she recalls a brief moment of seeing a woman that was pale white with bat wings and Esque tells her to take him to her. During the ride to the club they speak a little more and she learns that Esque only feeds on the homeless and those living in the underground of New York. She panics and is frightened that she might become like him and it isn't long after that they arrive to the Exclusive Club.

Xander awaits them and leads them to the third floor where they're met by a beautiful, pale white, and red eyed Vampiress with large white bat wings. The Vampiress rises and relates to Ivory that she'd been expecting her but it isn't long before she's interrupted by Esque. The Vampiress calls Esque a Chandalas, an abomination, neither a human nor a vampire. Esque leaves and Ivory and the Vampiress speak.

Ivory comes to learn that her mother knew of her heritage and that the Vampiress knew of her mother. Although Ivory thought she was turned into a vampire the truth comes to light. Ivory's father was a Vampire from the royal family and that Isabella, or Izzy, Ivory's mother tried her hardest to protect her daughter from this fate. Ivory was born a half-vampire. The night she spent at the club and the images of drowning in the ocean of crimson blood was real although it was actually a tub of blood. Her memory comes back and she remembers the skeletal looking witches and wizards who bathed her within the pool. She was 'killed' and brought back to life on that night. When she emerged from the pools blood she was reborn as a Vampire. Ivory questions the Vampiress on the truth of the mythlogy based on Vampires and she learns that history and the myths had been manipulated by them throughout the centuries in order to protect themselves. The Mysterious Vampiress bids Ivory to join them but it's at that moment that Xander runs in calling the Vampiress "Marie Antoinette". He relates to her that Esque was running around setting the club on fire. But when Marie turns around to get an answer from Ivory about joining them she finds she's gone.

Meanwhile, outside Ivory is running outside of the club at full speed where she finds Samson waiting for her in his car. As they're driving Xander runs infront of the car and is struck. Sometime later Ivory awakens in a roadside motel with Samson nearby. She questions him when she sees the bandage on his arm and he replies that he cut himself for a "different reason". He tells her to drink the cup of his blood, which she does. He lets her know that her house was lit on fire and that he attended 'her' funeral. Where she surmises that Marie must have known what was going to happen and sent a burnt corpse to make it seem like she perished during the fire as well. Ivory makes the decision to chase after Marie as she's the one who holds the answers to her questions. Samson tells her that he's going to join her on her quest, since he knows she's going to go after the Marie. And afterward they profess their feelings for each other and kiss.

The last scene has Ivory coming to her mother's grave where she tries to make peace with her. She speaks about loving her mother dearly and how she wished they could have been best friends. She speaks about the regrets but ultimately about how much she meant to her. Afterward Ivory unfurls her large black bat wings and takes to the skies.


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