Ivar Anni-Padda

    Character » Ivar Anni-Padda appears in 81 issues.

    Ivar Anni-Padda is one of the eternal brothers: Ivar (the Timewalker), Gilad (the Eternal Warrior), and Aram (Armstrong). They all are immortal.

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    Valiant Universe (VH1) - Pre-Unity

    Ivar, the 'Timewalker', has experienced the passage of thousands of years, just like his immortal brothers, Gilad and Aram. Unlike them, or anyone else, Ivar has spent his years skipping around from one point in history to the next. Able to find natural “time-arcs" that carry him from era to era, Ivar might be in the present one week, and in 41st-Century North America the next.

    This gets to be tricky for Ivar, who must take care to do nothing that could change history, even though this pledge of non-interference often leads to some difficult choices.

    But his time jumps aren't motivated by curiosity or adventure; Ivar only hopes that the next arc will place him back in the arms of his one, great love--lost in another time.


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