Ivan Drago

    Character » Ivan Drago appears in 6 issues.

    The Russian amateur boxer and Olympic gold medalist from Rocky IV portrayed by Dolph Lundgren.

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    Ivan Drago made a name for himself as an amateur boxer and Gold Medalist fighter. He was known as the Siberian Express for immense strength and PSI behind his punches numbering over 2,000. Coming to America to prove his superiority over American fighters. They decide Drago will fight a now 42 year old Apollo Creed. The fight was surrounded by extravagance and splendor like only Apollo could provide. Prior to the fight James Brown performed "Living in America". The fight was over as soon as it started when in the second round, Drago would land a flurry of punches that killed Apollo. He then earned the ring name Death From Above.

    Rocky challenged Drago to an exhibition that would be held in Russia. In order to fight in an exhibition Rocky had to give up his title belt. Rocky would win the fight and acquire slight brain damage at Drago's hands. After the fight Drago was not allowed to continue boxing until the fall of the Soviet Union. Afterward he was 31-1 with all KO's and his only loss to Rocky Balboa.

    Other Media

    Ivan Drago is the main character in a fan-game Ivan Drago: Justice Enforcer. In the game he awakens from cryogenic stasis at the Russian Embassy in the United States. It was time to restore order.


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