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    Itsu was the wife of Wolverine and mother of Daken. She was killed by the Winter Soldier.

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    Brief History

    Meeting Logan

    Itsu is from Japan, she met Logan in Jasmine Falls, when his master, Ogun, sent him to her village to further his training in combat. The two soon fell in love. Shortly after Itsu told Logan that she was pregnant with his child. In celebration the village prepared a ritual that will prove him worthy of being a master ninja.

    Logan was one of the best fighter the village had ever seen and was sailing through the ceremony but suddenly an explosion went off on the mountain, Logan pops his claws accidentally and stabs one of the ninjas that was testing him in the arm.

    Logan was disgraced and wanted to leave the village, but not before saying good bye to Itsu and that he would return when he is worthy to be a husband and a father. But when he got to their cabin, Itsu was dead and their unborn son ( Daken) was cut out of her womb. It was later revealed that the Winter Solder killed her when he was being controlled.

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