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    Italy is a country located in southern Europe. Its capital is Rome.

    Italy, officially the Italian Republic, is an EU member state situated in southern Europe, whose territories largely coincided with the homonymous geographical region. The country covers an area of 301,336 km ². It is also known as the quintessential form of boots on and beautiful country because of climate and natural and artistic beauty. To the north is separated from the Alpine watershed and borders France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia. The microstates San Marino and Vatican City are enclaves, the municipality of Campione Italy is an exclave located italofono canton of Ticino in Switzerland.

    The geographical territory known as Italy was inhabited since the Paleolithic and has hosted numerous peoples with very different cultures. The city of Rome was for centuries the political and cultural center of Western civilization, the capital of an empire that spanned much of Europe, North Africa, Middle East, to the current Iraq and the territories between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. After his fall, the peninsula was subject to many invasions by barbarian peoples of northern Europe and Mediterranean, who ruled until the birth of the Holy Roman Empire of Charlemagne. During the Renaissance quickly became the cultural center of the western world. From the seventeenth century, Spanish rule, then French and Austrian peoples led to the unification of Italy as United, which occurred after several clashes in 1861. After the victory in World War I, was governed by two decades of fascist dictatorship between the I and World War II. Later, after the liberation from fascism, the Kingdom of Italy ceased to exist June 18, 1946, following a referendum when the state became a republic.

    Today Italy is a country with high global standard of living, is a founding member of the European Union, NATO, Council of Europe, OECD, UN and joined the Western European Union. Member of the G7, G8 and G20 is the seventh-largest economy. Italians are at the top in Europe for life expectancy and have the second health system in the world. Italy is the country with the largest number of sites sponsored by UNESCO and the fifth most visited country the world.

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