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Luna was once a normal human until the day she and her beatnik friends were infected by alien spores from an alien named Zenelle who was chasing their friend Mott. Due to the spores they all had disgusting warts growing all over their bodies. Luna and her friends blamed Madman for their deformity. But Madman revealed to them their deformity was the first stage of their mutation. After seeing what happened to her friends Luna became hesitant about awakening her new powers and decided to see her boyfriend Adam Balm. After having a nice conversation with him she tried to awaken her powers after her left. The process was a success and her deformity was fixed. She also gained the power to copy others powers, and being able to change her apperance to whatever she touches. She then took up the name It Girl and decided to become a hero like her friends.

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She then decided to see Adam and show him the good news. But he was down he too tried to awaken his powers but it did not take away his warts, but instead gained the ability to emit a sonic scream. Feeling down Luna comforted him and told him a joke to make him fell better. After cheering him up he then took her into an alley and showed her his armor suit. But a group of guys were about to mug him until he showed her what his powers could do while in his armor. Impressed she showed him what her power was. Suddenly, an old friend of Adams appeared. He name was Bret and was now going by the name Cadaver due to his zombie like apperance. He then told Luna and Adam what happened to him, and now vowed revenge against him. Luna was at first afraid of him until she gained her courage and grabbed Adams helmet and blasted him away with his powers. Shortly after she and Adam met up with the rest of the gang to deal with the huge alien Shrek. After finding out the alien just wanted to stay with them, Madman then decided to give the Atomics a secret hideout as a gift.

Powers & Abilities

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Luna has the ability to mimic superpowers by simply touching that person. She is also capable of taking on the features on anything she touches such as when she grabs a fly or bird she will grow the wings of those animals. She also can turn herself into a living element simply by touching the object. So when she touches water, rock or sand, glass, and etc her body will turn into it.

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