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    Issa Koblev was a Russian-born mutant with cat-like abilities. One of three brothers, he was the only triplet shown to have human intellect and speech.

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    Issa Koblev is one of three brothers born with their mutant abilities. Presumed to have been abandoned by their parents, the triplets became wards of the state and were enrolled in the Super Soldier School program where they were trained by Professor Piotr Phobos alongside other Russian mutants of which included Ursa Major, Darkstar, and Vanguard.


    Issa Koblev is a Marvel character created by Cefn Ridout and Charlie Adlard in 1995, appearing only in Fury/Black Widow: Death Duty # 1.

    Major Story Arcs

    Death of a Soviet Super-Being

    Issa and his brothers were born with their physiology mirroring those of snow leopards, revealing them to be mutants. At the time, mutants were abandoned by their parents or taken away by the KGB who would terminate them due to the perceived threat mutants posed to baseline humans. However, a few were spared from this fate and trained by Professor Piotr Phobos within a Super Soldier School to become highly trained spies on behalf of the Soviet Union.

    In time the program was dismantled and Issa and his brothers escaped into the Siberian wilderness until they were discovered by Yi Yang, an immortal claiming to be thousands of years old. Under her influence, the three brothers came to do her bidding, Issa falling deeply in with the villain. The brothers created Xanadu, a home base for Yi Yang . Eventually Issa fought with Night Raven, Yi-Yang's long time enemy and fellow immortal who located the secret compound whilst accompanied by the Black Widow. In an attempt to escape, Issa was killed when the helicopter Yi Yang attempted to escape crashed and exploded.

    Powers and Abilities

    Issa possessed superhuman agility and reflexes, along with superhuman senses comprised of night vision, hyperosmia and hyperacusia. He also showcased superhuman stamina, strength and speed. Issa was trained in combat although he mostly relied on his natural, predator type offences and was the only sibling intelligent and capable of speech.

    Issa also possessed claws and fangs in which he used to kill and maim his opponents.

    Physical Characteristics

    Gender: Male

    Eyes: White

    Hair: White

    Unusual Features: Fur, claws, fangs, pointed ears


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