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    Isotope is an assistant to the crime boss, Machine Head. He has the ability to teleport.

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    As Machine Head's personal assistant, the man who came to be known as Isotope managed all the mundane details and day to day operations of Machine Head's vast criminal cartel, acting as his major-domo while Machine Head oversaw and controlled the larger aspects of the operation. By secretly aligning himself with the superpowered criminal Titan, Isotope was in part responsible for an elaborate subterfuge carried out by the two conspirators which resulted in the over throw of Machine Head from his position as head of the cartel and the appointment of Titan as the new leader of the world's largest criminal organization. Isotope now serves Titan as he had Machine Head, a sly and calculating individual it remains to be seen whether his ambitions extend beyond his current position but he seems to want to stay in good graces with the Order and Set.

    Character Information

    Height: 6' 2"
    165 lbs
    Strength level:
    Isotope possesses the normal human strength of a man his age, build and height who engages in little regular exercise.

    Known super powers

    Isotope possesses the ability to teleport himself, and a certain amount of additional mass, typicaly another person, at will. When a sufficiently large mass is concentrated  in a sufficiently small space a black hole is created. A black hole in the right place will create a wormhole to another location, or even another universe. The distance traveled in a wormhole is known as subspace. By creating subatomic blackholes within atoms, smart atoms can pass information or particles to a nearby point instantaneously. A single particle can read the state of a large object  (such as Isotope or extra mass) then take each particle through a single subatomic wormhole and reconstruct the object (or person) on the other side. An energy crackle accompanies Isotopes teleports which is caused by the bending of light around individual subatomic black holes. This is often accompanied by the appearance of small loops and circles at the edges of the people teleporting. Smart Atoms facilitate the teleportation process instantly, simply by Isotope willing it to occur. It is presumed that Isotope must have an already existing familiarty with the locations he is teleporting to or from in order to prvent his materialization inside a solid object or other such hazards. The maximum distance he can teleport himself or others is unknown at this time. It is also unknown whether or not he is able to teleport someone with out accompanying them during the teleportation process.

    The Real Life Isotope

     The real Isotope?
     The real Isotope?
    It's speculated that Robert Kirkman based this character off of James Sime, who owns the comic book shop in San Fransisco called Isotope Comics and has a very similar appearance. Robert replied to this speculation in the letters column of issue 67, saying his similar look " is a complete coincidence... James Sime is a friend of the book, but Ryan didn't even know what he looked like when he drew that issue."

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