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    An unique man who is devoted to exterminating all mutants

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    The man who would became the Isolationist does not belong to the mutant, mutate, Eternal or Deviant race but something different all together much like the likes of Vargas. He claimed to be born in Germany and uses the alias Josef Huber, using his telepathy to convince Jamie Madrox, Beast and Cyclops to organize a “Million Mutant March” political rally to get mutants declared an endangered species by the United States government. Lucky for Madrox, Layla Miller told him that one of Hubers agents had tried to kill her. Huber revealed his plot to get all the mutants in one place and then process to kill them. His reason was because all the mutant voices inside his head were driving him crazy. He also claimed to had manipulated and arranged several of the X-Factor Investigations, problems and adventures. He then utilized Nightcrawlers powers and teleported them to a frozen wasteland. He also created a female android who he named Nicole, that was design with French template. Nicole was sent to distract M and Siryn in Paris, since they were immune to his telepathic suggestions. Layla was his next target and he used Nicole this time, however Huber didn’t count for the mentally unstable Quicksilver to save her, interrupting Nicole from killing her. Not knowing she was alive, Layla was able to warn Madrox about Huber, who then fought him, Strong Guy, and Wolfsbane. Huber teleported all three to the Antarctic. They were then out of communication range of M and Siryn, who were busy on a case, which had also been arranged by Huber, with the aid of a family of mutant haters. M became worried and flew back to X-Factor headquarters, arriving just in time to stop Huber from smashing Rictor with a car. Rictor had been more or less successfully fighting Huber; Rictor was immune to the direct applications of Huber's mutant powers because Rictor was using Terrigen crystals he had left over from his time with Quicksilver. Huber had not foreseen this. Huber turned to sand and floated away, disdaining tedious fighting in favor his planned genocide. He returned to his icy cave.


    While having the abilities of all living mutants on the planet, he hardly is able to control them. He use Cyclops’ eye beams, Iceman ability to freeze object, Nigthclawer’s teleportation, Colossus’ metal skin, M’s telepathy along with countless other and Dust ability to melt into sand. His abilities weaken the further he is away from mutants, though his ability of telepathy remains strong when he is in isolation. He has an aforementioned weakness and inability to control telepathy, constantly hearing the thoughts of people around the world which forces him to ingest large amounts of painkillers and depressants to dull his senses.


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