Ismael Ortega

    Character » Ismael Ortega appears in 39 issues.

    Ismael Ortega is a police officer who patrolled Mutant Town. For a time he was partnered with X-Man and fellow law-officer Lucas Bishop.

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    Ismael "Izzy" Ortega is a young pollice officer whom was married to Armena Ortega. The pair had two children. Their marriage however went rocky when it turned out that Ismael's wife was a mutant, which caused her to make a kinetic shield around herself everytime she fell asleep. This caused the two to never be able to sleep real close to one another. Despite the tension this brought, Ismael loved his wife and children very much. He was partnered with a fellow police-officer in the New York neighbourhood known as District X, a place where most of it's residents were mutants..


    Ismael Ortega was created by David Hine and David Yardin and first appeared in District X issue 1 (2004)

    Major Story Arcs

    Partnered with Bishop

    Ismael and his partner Gus investigated a domestic incident in Mutant Town. They found a hysterical man who had tied up his wife. The man warned the officers not to untie her. They did and were influenced by the woman's mutant power. Izzy and Gus were enthralled. The man and his wife were killed; Gus and Izzy were found wounded by self-inflicted gunshots

    The incident was covered up and Gus was ordered to retire after a history of incidents with mutants. The X-Man Bishop was brought in to help with cases in Mutant Town and was partnered with Izzy.

    They dealt with rival clubs, the Wildkat and Daniel's Inferno. While investigating a human woman's death due to 'toad juice', they came across Mister M, a powerful mutant who saved Izzy's daughter while looking for help.


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