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    Metahuman Assassin who believe in Ra's al Ghul's vision of destroying the world to save it

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    Ishmael was created by Bryan Edward Hill and Dexter Soy in Batman and the Outsiders: Lesser Gods. Ishmael was supposed to be a pastiche of Ahab.


    As a child Ishmael was kip-napped and experimented on by a group of wealthy individuals who wished to create a metahuman private army. After Batman rescue him from the Ark Program, Ra's al Ghul dipped him in a Lazarus Pit when he started dying due to the experimentation. Ishmael came to believe in Ra's al Ghul's vision of destroying the world to save it

    Powers & Abilities

    Due to experiments Ishmael had gained superhuman abilities, in addition to being able to manipulate the powers of other metahumans. The Lazarus made him functionally immortal and gave him the power to regenerate himself.

    • Enhanced Physicals: Is strong enough to stop moving vehicles, smash walls and seemly immune to pain.
    • Power Manipulation: Ishmael can manipulate and absorb powers of other metahumans, is also able to unlock their full range of powers.
    • Regeneration: The Lazarus Pit's waters merged with his metahuman blood granting him permanent regeneration, strong enough to reattach serve limbs.
      • Immortality: Ishmael is functionally immortal. but he can still be killed through methods like drowning.

    Assassin Training:

    • Acrobatics
    • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced)
    • Stealth
    • Weaponry

    In Other Media

    Black Lightning:

    No Caption Provided

    Ishmael appeared in season four of Black Lightning, played by Rico Ball. Ishmael is an assassin for the Kobra Cartel trying to work his way up to the League of Assassins. Ishmael have a personal mission of targeting metahumans.


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