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Gargoyles have lived in Japan since the time of the samurai, who they fought alongside during the war times of Ancient Japan,during which they started the practice of Bushido much like the Samurai warriors they fought alongside. Eventually when peace came, the Gargoyles settled along with the humans to form the city of Ishimura, where they protected them as well as taught Bushido to the children. 
Eventually a Ishimura business man attempted building a theme park around the gargoyles, but Avalon had sent Goliath, Angela, Bronx, and Elisa Maza their where they were to stop this. But the trio of gargoyles were kidnapped to be used as a part of the gargoyle amusement part, only for Elisa and the local police constable showed up and helped convince the media that Gargoyles were in fact a myth, by claiming they were invisible. 
Because of the actions of the gargoyle Yama, he was forced by the Bushido code to be banished from his clan until a point when he could restore the honor he had lost.

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