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    Prior to beginning his career as a criminal, Simon Meke was an assistant at a New York museum. It was there that he became inspired to develop his criminal identity based on the stages of man. Isbisa standing in as an acronym for "Iron, Steel, Bronze, Ice, Stone, Atomic". As Isbisa, Meke started to develop a long term plan to steal an atomic bomb. Knowing that the All-Winners Squad would try and stop him, he vandalized the Ages of Man exhibit at the museum he worked at issuing a challenge to the All-Winners Squad with clues in each era. In order to distract the All-Winners he also planted the suggestion that Namor was somehow behind the plot.

    As the All-Winners followed Isbisa's clues, Isbisa hired various criminal gangs to deal with each of the Squad members as they reached the end of their trail of clues. After each member of his criminal consortium failed to beat the All-Winners Squad individually, the team regrouped with the knowledge that the various gangs were simply designed as a distraction from Isbisa's larger plot. The Torch figures out that Isbisa's real goal is an Atomic bomb (for the Atomic Age) and the All-Winners Squad rush to the nuclear facility in time to defeat Isbisa.

    Isbisa finally got out of prison in 1949 to discover that his old foes have disbanded their team and mostly disappeared from the public eye. Although, he managed to discover that the Whizzer and Miss America are now government agents. Taking revenge for the couples past interference, Isbisa sabotaged the nuclear research project that Robert Frank and Madeline Joyce were working at. Madeline is heavily irradiated which caused complications in her pregnancy. Her baby, Robert Frank Jr., ends up being severely mutated and kills her during childbirth. The government gave the child the codename Nuklo and locked him away in a containment capsule.

    Years later, Isbisa discovered what happened to Nuklo and infiltrated the government facility where they were keeping him under the guise that he is a research scientist. In reality, Isbisa developed a powerful battle suit and planned to use Nuklo as a power source. However, Robert Frank showed up with the Vision and Scarlet Witch in order to take Nuklo into his own custody. Feeling that his plans were in jeopardy, Isbisa reveals himself and attacks Robert. The Vision and Scarlet Witch managed to defeat Isbisa by destroying his containment suit but Robert died in battle. The result of Isbisa siphoning Nuklo`s energy is that Nuklo`s powers end up being stabilized and Isbisa is taken into police custody.

    Isbisa eventually showed up again posing as a Professor Sanderson and coming into conflict with She-Hulk. It is however, unclear if these events took place in the Earth-616 reality.

    Powers & Abilities

    Meke has no known superpowers of his own but he has genius level intellect with advanced knowledge in fields such as physics and chemistry.

    Weapons & Paraphernalia

    As Isbisa, Meke originally wore a costume that could administer knockout gas. In his modern appearance Meke wore a power suit that could absorb and discharge radiation. His power suit was destroyed by the Vision and Scarlet Witch.


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