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Isabela's was born Naishe, and was raised in Rivain. Her mother was a convert to the Qun, after the Qunari had taken over Rivain. Her mother sold her into marrage/ servitued to an accoicieate of the Antivan Crows, named Luis. Her new husband was rich, but cruel. He abused isabela for many years, and raped her almost as soon as she was given to him. Naishe got to know the Crows vary well however through this connection, and used them to murder her husband. She stole Luis's ship, The Siren's Call, and gathered a crew, changing her name to Isabela. She became known as grew the Queen of the Eastern Seas, after quickly robing most of the wealthy Rivian merchant ships. She has a habit of getting into bar fights, and winning them even when outnumbered. She has lived in Kirkwall for a period of time after her ship was wrecked and in need of heavy repair. She has also worked for a smuggler and criminal mastermind Castillon, but when she realized he was getting into the business of slaves and slavery she secretly released the slaves earning the ire of Castillon. Despite her criminal activities and habits, Isabela appears to have a refined sense of honor, albeit one that many may disagree with.


Isabela first appeared in the Dragon Age franchise, created by BioWare. Her appearances in comics comes by way of Dark Horse Comics, Dragon Age: The Silent Grove. She appears in the first issue released in 2012.

Major Story Arcs

Antiva City

Isabela the Pirate
Isabela the Pirate

The King of Ferelden King Alistair, pirate Isabela and charming Dwarf Varric arrive and met in Antiva City for a task set by Alistair. Despite his reservations about Isabela's lethal tactics, he does consider her an acquaintance and she does know Antiva well. They are together to break into the Archive of the Crows, a building housing many secrets and sensitive information. Varric's keen dwarfen eyes allow him to disarm many traps however he misses an alarm and they group find themselves before Claudio Valisti, who fortunately is on good terms with Alistair and lets them leave with their new information. Retiring to the Perfumed Spring they plan their next step. Isabela, and Varric then offer aid in helping Alistair in his new plan of breaking into the Velabanchel prison. Isabela scales a cliff near the prison dispatching a guard and then meeting up with Alistair and Varric. A small mistake by Varric sets multiple guards on to them. Isabela's efficiency with her blades managing in delaying them alongside her crossbow bearing friend Varric whilst Alistair seeks the information they are there for. Isabela and Varric hold the guards off long enough for Alistair to locate and speak to an inmate. Alistair seeking more important information, he sets a course for the trio to head to Tellari swamps, where they encounter a high dragon. Isabela manages to get in a few attacks before being swiped by its tail. The conflict ceases when a witch of the wilds Yavana emerges and soothes the dangerous creature.

Tellari Swamps

Isabela observes Yavana speak to the high dragon, before sending it to away. She explains why it did not kill the three, before talking to Alistair cryptically. There is talk among the group of witches and Yavana's mother Meredith and her sister Morrigan. Varric threatens Yavana with Bianca before Alistair mentions his father prompting Yavana to guide them to the Silent Grove. The Silent Grove the witch explains is a safe haven for dragons. A place designed for their protection and safety. She goes on to explain that Alistairs father had been obligated after Meredith had saved his life many decades ago that he would one day visit the Silent Grove. Alistair wants more information, he demands to know where his father is now, questioning if Yavana killed him? She only replies that she did not but she offers no additional help turning away and leaving. As the trio depart, Isabela is shot in the shoulder by group led by Claudio Valisti. A brief battle ensues, although with Isabela wounded and the group heavily outnumbered Alistair pleads for a surrender. Alistair offers himself up under the condition Varric and Isabela be free to go. Claudio Valisti agrees to this, much to Isabela's annoyance.

Rescuing Alistair


Despite Alistair's honorable sacrifice, allowing Varric and Isabela to escape, Isabela stubbornly starts planning the rescue mission with Varric as eager. Doubling back to return from the direction they were leaving, the two search for Yavana again, under the premise she will aid them free Alistair. Knowing that Claudio Valisti and his men are looking for the Silent Grove they alert Yavana to this new development. Yavana is cryptic and questions why she should help them rescue Alistair. She heals Isabela and Varric of all their wounds, much to their surprise, and tells them to prepare for the upcoming attack. Rejuvenated and refreshed and using stealth tactics Isabela and Varric manage to sneak up on Claudio Valisti and his men and kill and disarm most if not all of them. Isabela confronts Claudio herself, with the two engaging in swordplay. Claudio taunts and teases Isabela about her past, but its her that gets the last word, as she kills him stabbing his heart as she speaks the final words. With Alistair rescued Yavana appears before the three. She has decided to help them. Reanimating Claudio's deceased body, the four learn of his master, before heading back to the Silent Grove. Only allowing Alistair to enter, Yavana tells Alistair of the purpose of the Silent Grove., A safe haven for Dragons, but atlas a place where the majority of the dragons, including the most powerful were still hidden deep in slumber. These majestic creatures dormant Yavana had wished to awaken them and she required Alistair's blood to do so. Rather than play the pawn to her schemes Alistair impales the witch with his sword, seemingly leaving her dead. He returns to Isabela and Varric the three planning to track down Claudio's master Aurelian Titus.

Powers and Abilities

Fast and agile, Isabela wields dual deadly blades, and is an accomplished and seasoned fighter. Even when outnumbered, Isabela is aggressive enough fighter to usually turn the odds in her favor. She possesses limited assassination and stealth abilities.

Other Media

Video Games

Dragon Age: Origins (2009)

Isabela is a supporting character in the 2009 BioWare released Dragon Age game available on PC, PS3 and X-Box.

Dragon Age II (2011)

Isabela plays a larger role in the 2011 BioWare released sequel to Dragon Age, Dragon Age 2 available on PC, PS3 and X-Box. She is available as a playable character and has a significant role in the second acts plot.


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