Isabel Ardila

    Character » Isabel Ardila appears in 25 issues.

    A flight attendant who has taken a liking to Jason Todd. They've recently started sort of a relationship.

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    She gave Jason her number on a plane. She recently spent a night with him on a date and was attacked by Orn. She, along with Jason and Roy, were teleported into Starfire's warship to battle an alien threat. After the Outlaws defeated the Blight, she was finally able to head home with the Outlaws after helping to resolve an unnecessary conflict with Supreman..

    Once that was over she and Jason went to her apartment in Gotham City, where they planned to spend a few days off. They enter the apartment and pick up where they left off. Afterward Jason decides to shower.When he comes back, Isabel is unconscious, with syringes scattered on the floor. It is then that Joker explains to him through the television, that he gave her the drugs, but had already called the EMTS to "help" her.

    In issue #28 of Red Hood and Outlaws, Isabel is shown one more time, getting home from a date with a man she met in the hospital she stayed after being attacked by Joker. The man, Jonathan, says he has liked her since the day they met, but he felt like she was still waiting for someone. He does not mind to wait for her, but he asks Isabel what does she expects of her life: a fantasy or the reality standing just in front of her. "When you make up your mind, call me" he said, before leaving.

    When Isabel is alone on the apartment, robots come in with a message from Jason Todd. He says he wants to explain everything to her and informs that a jet is waiting to take her to the island where he is - Elysium. She accepts it, though still unsure if she can trust him. From the moment she arrives at the island, Jason tries to be romantic. Isabel, however, is still mad at him because he abandoned her when she was attacked by Joker.

    Later on, they meet with Kori and Roy Harper to have fun on a dance club. The group ends up being attacked by the owner of the island, a crime lord named Midas - Elysium's benefactor.

    The heros have to fight for their lives and even Isabel has to use a laser cannon to defend herself. After defeating the criminal and his gang, Jason tells her that it would only take a few days to dismantle Midas' operations, so they could resume their talk after that. Isabel then tells him that she can't be a part of this life and, if he ever leaves it, to call her. She kisses Jason goodbye and they part ways.

    Sometime after her last adventure, Isabel calls Jonathan and says she is ready to live in reality. When he asks about the other guy she was waiting for, she says he will be fine.


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