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Isaac was born in 1534.

Stories say that an angel once appeared to his father, saying...

"I have been sent to you by the Almighty to bring you tidings that your holy wife shall conceive and bear a child, and that you must call him Yitzchak. He shall begin to deliver Israel from the Klipot [husks, forces of evil]. Through him, numerous souls will receive their tikkun. He is also destined to reveal many hidden mysteries in the Torah and to expound on the Zohar. His fame will spread throughout the world. Take care therefore that you not circumcise him before I come to be the Sandak [who holds the child during the Brit Milah ceremony]."

His father, Solomon, died a few years later, when Isaac was a boy. His rich uncle started to take care of him, and got him the best teachers (for example, David Ibn Zimra). He got to learn plenty.

He married a cousin of his, at the age of 15, and continued to study.

Initially, he sought to become a business man. But, then thought that mysticism and asceticism are way cooler.

At the age of 22, he dedicated his life for meditation, and started to live an isolated life in the banks of Nile.

He did this for seven years. He spent time with his family on shabbats, but didn`t utter a word during the visits. If he needed to say something though, he said it in as few words as possible.

It is said that he met and talked to Elijah variously during this period.

He became an important religious figure. He had his own disciples.

He is thought as the father of Jewish Kabbalah.

He died 5.8.1572.


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