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    Well despite myself I didn't want to give up on this series despite the fact the three of the previous all three issues thus far are among the worst that I have read this year.  I was hoping for some kind of satisfying ending which might give some meaning to the mess that came before, because although there was some blatantly offensive stuff, I still could understand maybe where the writer might be taking this.  But ... I .... was .... wrong.  Now that I have read the end of this I am not even sure that the writer had any concept of this entire series.  It seems like the kind of thing that might have gotten dreamed up when a bunch of guys were sitting around drunk or high and talking about fantasy hookups.  For instance, the message and moral of the story is what exactly?  Also the mystical aspect involving Delilah was completely ignored here.  It just seems like the writer wanted to make a bunch of excuses to have a male character having a lot of sex and then realized that in issue 4 that there has to be some kind of resolution.  Well even if that was the case, there was not really any resolution here.  The entire series was a mess of male fantasy and glossing over of serious problems like rape.  Gregory has given readers a lot of good from Zenescope, but this offer a new insight into his mind, and maybe he doesn't deserve the credit he has.  

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