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    I get that this series is trying to kind of make a point, but it is going about it in the exact wrong way.  From what started as an ok concept in the first issue, it goes downhill here and fast.  Allen discovers that he has the power to attract basically any woman that sees him and he takes full advantage of this by basically having sex with every one of them that he can.  By the way taking advantage sexually of anyone while they are under the influence is called rape, even if the influence is magic, though I suppose to the character's credit that he doesn't know about the magic (yet).  Still it is not so much the weak story here that does this in rather the depiction of women.  The "crazy girlfriend" type comes over and cooks him an unexpected meal but when he sees her he starts swearing at her and generally being mean.  So when she can't be a sexual object she is useless to him.  OK so points are lost for the issue for this, but I guess if someone broke into my apartment and made me food I would be kind of freaked out as well.  Not willing to stop there though, the woman in question starts cutting herself up with glass from a broken picture.  So not only is she useless, but if she can't be a sexual object then she would rather die?  Not to mention that he is kind of stalking his old girlfriend?  Uggh, what a waste of paper this was.  

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