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    Irredeemable is a creator-owned superhero title written by Mark Waid, drawn by Peter Krause and published by Boom! Studios. It was an ongoing monthly title first published in April 2009.

    Irredeemable focuses on a Supermanesque character named the Plutonian, and the events that lead him to use his powers for destructive rather than heroic purposes. In this way the book inverts typical superhero roles and situations, which is backed up by the sister title Incorruptible, in which one of the Plutonian's former enemies - Max Damage - becomes a hero in response to Plutonian's heel-turn.

    In many ways the title is the culmination of Waid's other notable works such as Kingdom Come and The Kingdom, in that usual assumptions on the nature of good and evil are removed and replaced by an ambiguity in which powerful metahumans are reactive to the world around them, as opposed to being locked into an inflexible set of morals (or lack thereof).

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