Character » Ironside appears in 2 issues.

    Ironside is the alias of the terrorist called The Eliminator in "Who Wants to be a Superhero? And the Winner is Feedback"

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    A former U.S. Marine, Ironside has gone through extensive bionic surgeries. Physically he resembles DC's "Metallo" character but little is known of him at this time since the series is just kicking off.

    Ironside seems to be gifted with electrical engineering, mechanics and probably combat since he was a Marine. When he's introduced, he invites Matthew Atherton (before he takes on the persona of Feedback) to his garage and shows Matt a high-tech vehicle that the U.S. Army wants to use against a terrorist called "The Eliminator."

    In Issue #1, Ironside reveals himself as the true Eliminator. He tries to kill Atherton but in the process, Atherton actually becomes superpowered. The Eliminator believes his foe to be dead and proceeds with his plans to loot the entire city with his remote controlled combat vehicle. His final plan is to program the car to explode the city's nuclear power plant once he is safely away. Naturally, he is thwarted by Feedback, the superhero is somewhat responsible for creating.


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