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    Former muscle for the Syndicate.

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    Iron was an orphan who is raised by The Order. Big Daddy later took him in, at the age of 12, and raises him in the Syndicate. Big Daddy comes to love Iron like a son.

    Iron's first mission after going through the rOid 4.0 Super Soldier process was to deliver a message to Dr. Johnson. Johnson was planning to announce he would run for Governor, which Big Daddy wouldn't stand for. Johnson had hired a small army to protect him, and had his building locked down so tight it would take a tank to break in. Iron wipes out his army and breaks into the building without a problem. Johnson's first reponse on seeing Iron is commenting that the scientists he had worked with during the war had completed their dream of making the perfect soldier. Johnson then goes on to introduce Mr. Fong, who is there to protect him. Iron pulls what appears to be a rocket launcher, which instead just pops out Big Daddy's message: "You can run but you can't hide!", which is attacked to a rose. Dr. Johnson just laughs since his allergy to Roses isn't life threatening. As Iron pulls the rose out, a bee flies out and goes towards Johnson. Fong, who has sworn to saves Johnson's life in return for saving his granddaughter's, kills the bee; thus repaying his debt. Since Fong is no longer there to protect Johnson, Iron proceeds to cram the rose, with Big Daddy's message attached, into Johnson's mouth. Johnson announces his decision NOT to run for Governor the following day.

    Iron is sent to inform Cardinal Kelvin, the High Priest of the Order, that if he doesn't stop preaching against Gambling, Iron will come back and kill him. Kelvin doesn't budge. As Iron leave the church Detective Manetti, Mayor Flaherty's right hand man, is there waiting to arrest him. Iron proceeds to kill all the cops, except Manetti who escapes, where by basically declaring war on City Hall.

    When Iron returns to Big Daddy, Big Daddy is irate with him. Not only did he fail to get Kelvin to budge, he also declared war on City Hall, and now he's dripping blood on his rug. Iron informs Big Daddy that Kelvin claims he's just retaliating for Joey Petunia's "tightening the screws" on the Order. Iron is ordered to take Joey Petunia and Lester the Jester to collect the one million dollars that Chase owes Lester.

    This routine collection turns into a double cross. Joey unloads lead on everyone, including Lester and Iron. Iron's right arm gets blown off and Joey leaves everyone for dead. Between Joey and Manetti it becomes widely accepted that Iron killed everyone at the "collection" and kidnapped Angel Chase.

    Dr. Lubicus comes and finds Angel Chase injured and takes her into hiding so she can heal. Angel convinces Lubicus to save Iron as well, since he tried to save her family. Iron spends nearly 3 months in acoma, and wakes to find that Lubicus has given him and Iron right arm, since his has gotten blown off by Joey Petunia.

    Iron finds that Angel has been working at the "Baby Care Center" Strip club, in hopes of finding information that will help he get revenge for her family's murder. Iron stops by her work and to start his hunt for revenge.

    Iron's next stop is Giuseppe's, an Italian restaurant that has been a "Safe zone" for the syndicate for over 50 years. Chain Gang Charlie confronts him at the front door and Iron is forced to kill him and the two other members of his Chain Gang. Iron informs Big Daddy that he wants out, to which he responds "The Syndicate is a Family! There is no membership. There is no Out." Big Daddy goes on to inform him that the only way he can redeem himself in the eyes of the Syndicate is to remedy his two previous failures. Convince Cardinal Kelvin to stop preaching about the "so called sins" of gambling, and to pay the one million dollars of Chase's bad debt that Iron had rendered "noncollectable". And he only has 48 hrs to do so.

    Iron goes to get new clothes, and is confronted by Mickey Lightning: Master of Thor's Domain and Nick the Noose" The on man lynch mob. They inform Iron that Big Daddy has given Joey 48 hrs to "do business" with Iron, and so Joey put 100 large on Iron's head.

    Iron returns to Angel and Lubicus, where he finds that Lubicus has been furnishing weapons for both him and Angel. Lubicus and Angel surprise him for his 37th Birthday, with a cake... and a pair of "Lubicus Specials" which he specially designed for Iron.

    Iron turns to Cardinal Kelvin and strikes a deal with the Order. Manetti follows Iron as he leaves the church and attempts to arrest him, and fails yet again.

    Iron recruits his friend Mushmouth (Pony Moore) to help him out against the Syndicate.

    Iron gets lured into a trap by Deadpan Louie and Drop Dead Mike and defeats them with the help of the Maiden.


    Iron is the first person to get, and survive rOid 4.0. rOid 4.0 gives Iron the strength, stamina, and endurance of 5 men. The rOid treatment is a carry-over from the Section 67B: Super Soldier program during the war. This program's goal was to create the perfect soldier by augmenting their abilities. Dr. Vonscrunting is one of the seven people involved in the Section 67B program and is the one who put Iron through level 4.0

    Dr. Lubicus designed Iron's metal arm and tied it directly into his central nervous system, so Iron's body wouldn't know the difference. Lubicus also designed the two guns that Iron uses. They hold two 500 round clips and fire at twice the standard rate of fire. They are also equipped with a second barrel that fires a .45 caliber explosive round.

    Iron is the first person known to survive rOid level 4.0, making him the strongest and most resilient man in history.... for now. rOid level 4.0 gave Iron the strength of 5 men, and allowed him to take the punishment of 5 men as well. This has lead to Michael Iron becoming known as the Syndicate's most capable and competent muscle. Frigg and Fragg have both been given 5.0, but have severe brain damage.


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