Iron Wolf

    Character » Iron Wolf appears in 16 issues.

    Ironwolf has no super powers, but he is an extraordinary hand to hand fighter. He is a master swordsman and highly skilled with the guns of his era or sometimes using antique 20th Century weapons like a 357 Magnum.

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    Lord Ironwolf was the finest officer in the Earth based interstellar Empire Galaktika in the 61st century. On his home world of Illium, he owned millions of trees with "anti - gravity wood" from which starships such as his own were constructed.


    Ironwolf was created by Howard Chaykin as the lead feature of Weird Worlds, starting with issue #8 . Issue #7 had a pinup of Ironwolf who was the replacement character for the last three issues.

    Major Story Arcs

    Empress Erika Klien-Hernandez asked Ironwolf to allow her new alien allies to make use of the trees. Fearing the aliens would then build their own fleet of starships with which to attack the empire, Ironwolf flatly refused. As a result, Ironwolf became a hunted outlaw. He retaliated by using his spaceship to become a space pirate, robbing nobility, destroying imperial ships and battling the Empress' Blood Legion, a race of vampires created through an evolutionary accident. Ironwolf ultimately destroyed all the anti gravity trees to prevent the empire from using them.

    The Limerick Rake.encounters the lost Sargasso Sea of Space,where lost star ships drift among this lonely void. Ironwolf takes a shuttle to explore one of those lost vessel-one with over grown plants covering the ships inner hull.

    Ironwolf rescued a woman named Shebaba O'Neal from the empress' alien allies. She was a member of the resistance movement sworn to overthrowing the empress and establishing democracy. Ironwolf joined the resistance and O'Neal became first mate on his spaceship, The Limerick Rake.


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