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    Series » Published by Marvel. Started in 2010.

    Tony Stark heads to Japan to continue his Iron Man work. In this anime styled Marvel mini-series, Iron Man is entangled in a large web of conspiracy and terrorism, and must escape before those guys kill him.

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    Season 1 (12 Episodes)

    The entire first season of the Marvel Anime line reflects on Tony Stark's journey in Japan, while of course beating up bad guys who are out to do evil things. Here, Tony Stark is done being Iron Man, and he decides to head to japan to finish everything that he started. Introducing to the world his latest creation, the Iron Man Dio which he completely built for only one reason, to be massed produced and be distributed to the next generation of heroes. While he was busy with finishing another creation of his, which is mainly an Arc Reactor Station which would power up Japan in a higher scale, the mysterious terrorist group known as the Zodiac have stolen one of the armors during a test run. Left no other choice, Tony Stark is forced to don the armor once more and find Zodiac before all of this goes down. On his journey across the country, Iron Man meets several new faces and gets a heads up from the Wolverine and his dear Pepper Potts and will even face an old friend, Ho Yinsen.

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    Season 2 (Marvel Anime: X-Men)

    Marvel Anime: Iron Man concluded after 12 episodes concerning only one story arc. The series was only fitted for just one season, thus labeling it as Season 1 of the Marvel Anime series. For Season 2 of the project, they created Marvel Anime: X-Men.


    Marvel Anime: Iron Man has received mainly positive reviews from fans and critics alike. The plot-line of the series was given praise for it's more adult themed version of Iron Man. Both the English dub and the Japanese version were well received for the powerful voice acting and the action sequences are considered eye catching. The lack of characters were likened because it made room to more focus on the protagonist, and making it less confusing. In contrast to the praise received, many noted the repetitive use of only a few villains and was not entirely fateful to their comic-book counterparts, like most of the future seasons. Nevertheless, this was said to be one of the best of the program.


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