Why Marvel treat Iron Man as a villain?

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I mean, Iron Man is an amazing character, why they continue to waste his potential? Tony Stark should be a good guy, maybe a little arrogant, but still a hero.

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Because Marvel has no idea what they're doing atm for many characters.

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@jarlballin: They've been potryaying Tony like this for over a decade now.

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@oldboy93: probably because after Tony Stark has been portrayed as a good-hearted and likable guy for almost a decade, starting with Kurt Busiek's Iron Man series, Marvel decided to make him ''edgier'' after the Extremis story changed the canon of Iron Man. Which means making him a giant douche. However, I think you have to thank Civil War and Mark Millar for that. Civil War was probably the most popular book in which Iron Man was ever featured as the main character. So that is probably why Marvel wanted to continue the trend established by that story.

Here is an example of how mischaracterized Tony Stark have became:

1. Tony Stark in the early 2000's.

No Caption Provided

2. Tony Stark right now.

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@zhangthong12: What trend ? Besides him literally turning evil in Axis he's just been an asshole who still does good like keeping Bruce's secret from him

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@kgb725: trend of making him arrogant and self-esteemed douche who never admits his mistakes. Which started with Civil War and continues to this day.

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