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One of the things that I have been thinking about as I've seen the details about the upcoming movie Iron Man 3 is where will Iron Man go after this. Something that I have noticed within popular culture is that the end of trilogy tends to be the grand finale (although there are a few exceptions like with Twilight, Harry Potter, Star Wars, etc.). This has been true for Christopher Nolan's Batman films, Sam Raimi's Spiderman films, the Hunger Games series, Lord of the Rings, and the Mass Effect series among others. Well Iron Man is hitting his third movie already and it is clear that the Mandarin is will be Iron Man's biggest threat so far, and from the trailers the film does look like the epic grand finale that film viewers usually get. But wait there is still Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to go through, and I just have to wonder how are they going to top the Mandarin for a fourth film if they decide to do one. The Mandarin is the only villain of Iron Man who is a threat to him on all levels physically, emotionally, and mentally. Do you really think they will be able to top Iron Man 3?

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Absolutely, plus I think it's important to remember that, especially in regards to Tony Stark, the Iron Man movies have never been about the villains IMO. They're about Stark's journey as a man, seeing him grow from a selfish, narcissistic playboy, you get the deal, into a real superhero that Earth can be proud of.

Just take the first film, look at how much Stane had to nuke Tony to just have a shot (and he never really did) at being equal to Stark. Same with IM2 and Whiplash, defeating Stark IMO was never the goal, but rather showing that even with his advanced armor he's still a man. It dealt a serious blow to Tony's ego and forced him to adapt. Avengers just took it to another level entirely and almost singled out Tony and demanded his character step-up, and he answered the call as evidence by his willingness to sacrifice himself to get rid of the nuke.

As for IM3, seems like Ton'y going to have to answer for a lot of his past actions and come to gripes with how much his life has changed. Don't get me wrong, I think it's going to be amazing, but I do wonder how they'll get Ton'y character to a more emotional level than he was in regards to Coulson's death. Obviously they'll use Pepper, but we've already seen that in the first film.

In short: I just don't feel like any of Iron Man's villains are really a threat to him, but rather need him to be severely weakened before attacking. They need cheat codes to have a chance.

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I don't agree with you that any of Iron Man's villains are a threat to him. With Tony's whole world being shaken up by the Avengers encounter he is on the edge of a cliff if you will. From the looks of the movie Iron Man's shaky world will come crashing down because of the Mandarin and it will be up to Tony to build it back up. In essence Iron Man 3 is the Dark Knight Rises of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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