Shane Black Close to Directing Iron Man 3

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  I'll bring up that Black's one of the commandos in PREDATOR every time I write about him.
 I'll bring up that Black's one of the commandos in PREDATOR every time I write about him.

A lot of Comic Vine maniacs were deeply concerned when Jon Favreau announced he wouldn’t be returning to direct IRON MAN 3. It seemed like an impossible hand to match, so I’ve got to say I’m pretty impressed by this Ace Marvel was able to pull out of their sleeve. Talks of Shane Black writing and directing IM3 have been up for a while, but Deadline says that the deal’s pretty damn close to getting locked in (though it's less certain whether Black will be writing this, too.)

Black is one of the absolute titans of action movie business, having scripted the likes of LETHAL WEAPONand THE LAST BOY SCOUT and reigned  for years as the single highest paid screenwriter. Recently, he’s turned to directing with the obscenely-underrated KISS KISS, BANG BANG —a buddy noir that starred Robert Downey Jr. on the cusp of his big comeback. It’s a smart move to keep the actor interested in returning to the franchise as I’m sure they already have a great working relationship. 

More than anything, I’m just downright intrigued to see a Marvel movie handled by a talent whose worked I’ve studied for years; one who comes from sphere of the biz that’s separate but still related. If superhero movies have replaced straight-up action flicks, then it's certainly appropriate for Black to migrate in that direction, too. Were this deal to go through, however, I’m sure it would mean that his other comics-related directing gigs - - the feature film adaptations of DEATH NOTE and DOC SAVAGE - - would fall the wayside.

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I like all of those movies. I hope he gets the job.

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  His 'CV' as it were seems a bit small but it's all movies I've enjoyed.  Also:

 Recently, he’s turned to directing with the obscenely-underrated KISS KISS, BANG BANG

That sentence contains nothing but truth!
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I didn't know that he was in Predator until the first rumors about him came out and I can't wait to see what he does with Iron Man 3.

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i can deal with this.  i also think it doesnt really matter who they grab. RDJ and co have such a flair for how things should look and work that very dew dirwctors could screw it up without completly pissing them off... at which point the director would be fired and theyd probably just let RDJ direct the damn thing. 

 i just cant imagine this movie being anything worse than ok.
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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was an absolutely fantastic movie, and if Shane Black gets the go-ahead to direct, I'm hoping for exciting things to come.

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I don't think it'll be too bad.

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Nice, now bring in Andre Gower, so we can have a connection to the Underrated Monster Squad.
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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was a great movie.  Lethal Weapon was a great movie.  The Last Boys Scout sucked ass.  Just horrible.  Directing is obviously not the same as directing.  Wondering if he's gonna have anything to do way of script changes but KKBB was not an action movie.  Still don't know if he can do action movies, but we weren't to sure about Favreau at first either and he did just fine.  This has the same producers from what I understand so they know what they want and they'll use the same special effect crew so that'll help also.  This isn't bad news at all, it's just still unsure news.  We know the guy worked RDJ so they more then likely get along.  I doubt RDJ is gonna let a franchise that has made INSANE money get into the hands of someone he's no gonna vouch for.  Im more worried about Wheddon doing Avengers.  Thor looks like it's gonna be great,  Branaugh can direct, Joe Johnson can direct too, Wheddon's Serenity was good, but no where near great.  Maybe having good actors and HUGE budget will change that.  Lets hope so.  Lot's of on screen strong personalities.
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I know Favreau was against using armors like Extremis in the movies and going for that more realistic feel with the armor being assembled onto Tony's body, but I hope with a new director we get a chance to see something more similar to the armor Stark is wearing now in the comics. May not be the most believable armor, but it would be epic to see on the big screen.

Invincible Iron Man #25
Invincible Iron Man #25

Invincible Iron Man #25
Invincible Iron Man #25

Invincible Iron Man #25
Invincible Iron Man #25
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yeah, that was the dude that told the dirty jokes, and he was the first to die

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we just need better paced action, witty dialogue has been done, 
i think they can finish it up nicely

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I've actually been saying for a long time and still say that Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is my favorite modern movie of all time. And I've seen A LOT of movies.

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The last boy scout is one of my favortie moves. An if i live threw this ill dance a jig.This being the wait for the movie :)
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Sounds like a good choice
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And Favreau's out - Next Director!

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Will he still be appearing in the movie as Happy, Tony Stark's bodyguard?

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NOTE TO EVERYBODY: Just a heads up if you didn't know, RDJ actually consulted Shane Black about the first iron Man movie. He both told downey he should do it, plus he gave imput on the script and helped RDJ develop the character of TONY STARK for both Iron Man 1 and 2. So...PREFECT choice! ha ha
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....and franchise over

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I want these to be put in iron man 3!


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@Mumbles said:

" ....and franchise over "

No doubt. 
@Marshal Victory said: 

" The last boy scout is one of my favortie moves. An if i live threw this ill dance a jig.This being the wait for the movie :) "

Man, you had me rolling on the floor with that one.  That was very funny.  Last Boy Scout a favorite, how droll. 
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Okay but good scriptwriter != great director. I'm sceptical about that, especially that I hear that the actors didn't actually stuck to the script...

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@DocHunter:  what you mean? explain. ha ha
I'm going to reply to many things that you might have meant.
He is a great screenwriter, plus kiss kiss bang bang was a wonderful directorial effort on his part. Great movie with great directing. he might not have done action, but he sure knows how to write action, so i'm sure these things will balance out.  Don't forget he helped bring RDJ back from the dead, and also told RDJ that he should take the gig as Iron Man and has helped him create the character of TONY STARK for both films. And was a consultant for the first Iron Man.  So if RDJ has his way and brings in his friend to direct, there will be a better chance that he will return for even more iron man movies as well.
Yes they didn't stick to the script in the first movie, 4 different writers wrote it and they ended up throwing pages of the script out during filming.
On the second one they stuck to the script a lot more, which some of the actors (rdj) didnt like as much because they wanted to stick to the script and not have as much improv, which the first one was filled with.  since him and RDJ are friends, I'm sure he will be part of the writing process, and make something with a solid story and through line while giving RDJ the chance for improv.
I think this guy is a prefect choice, yes his screen writing is spot on, so we know the story will be badass, and he knows how to write action, something faveru had some problems with. His directing in Kiss Kiss bang bang was amazing, and very character drivin. hes a "actors director" something that will be good for this flick, and im sure the action scenes will go over smoothly with the right planning and a solid DOP. 
I'm all for it.
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i dont see Marvel screwing this up. so i am very excited.

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  @william knowles: Mandarin could work, but Fin Fang Foom might be hard to pull off.
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Get to da choppa!!!

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I say let Robert Downey Jr. direct it.

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Should bring a good progression to the franchise. Favreau did great in the first movie, it was witty, fun, with enough action to move the story. But the second movie felt like it progressed too similarly with a similar abbreviated final boss battle. I still liked both, but am excited with Black taking over for the third. Often people act like a new director kills a franchise, but if it is done right it can move it in the right direction and I think that this move will do exactly that.

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@.o0Johnny0o. said:
  His 'CV' as it were seems a bit small but it's all movies I've enjoyed.  Also:

 Recently, he’s turned to directing with the obscenely-underrated KISS KISS, BANG BANG

  That sentence contains nothing but truth!
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I never saw Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. I will have to look that one up.

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