Rank the Iron man armours of the MCU

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Ok so we all know iron man's armours have been inconsistent in their durability for plot purposes (see civil war and iron man 3) and have not always improved from model to model. I thought it would be interesting to rank them based off feats and for the sake of not overcomplicating things could we exclude mark 8 to 41 as these are all the ones that basically acted as fodder in iron man 3. its okay to talk about them but due to lack of screen time exclude them from your list please.

make your list based on who which would win aginst all the ones below it, not power output (they're quite similar)

here's my top 6:

1.) bleeding edge

2.) hulk buster I/II (didn't see much difference between AoU version and IW version)

3.) mark 7 (battle of New York)

4.) mark 6 (triangle arc reactor)

5.) mark 45 (sokovia)

6.) mark 3 (tank shell)

others to consider : mark 47( spider man) mark 4,5,2, mark 43 (start of AoU), mark 42, mark 46 (civil war).

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1. Model Prime

2. Hulk Buster Mk2

3. Mark 7

4. Mark 42

5. Mark 5

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Not going to do rankings, but the best armor, IMO, was the one in Infinity War

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