Marvel Now Iron Man good or bad

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Like the title indicates is the new Iron Man series part of Marvel Now worth reading. I've heard mixed opinions but could use more. Should I buy all four that are out, just issue 1 or not get it all. Also something not Iron Man unrelated, is Journey Into Mystery good or just a reason for Marvel to get a series to issue 1000?

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Man I would skip Iron Man right now. I like Karen Gillan, but this isn't his strongest work, and Greg land's art isn't doing this book any favors. Journey Into Mystery is something that I dig, but that's me. If you're a big Sif fan pick it up, but if you're not you just might want to pass on it.

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Veeery mediocre.

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story is alright, art less than alright

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I definitely feel the movie influence in Stark's character.I don't think the series has been to impressive to say the least

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Terrible dude.

Gillan's writing feels very superficial and mediocre.There are some cool moments, but that's about it. Unlike Fraction who really went into the depths of Tony from then very first issue.

The art by Greg Land is very bad. He recycles like crazy, his pacing between panels is sloppy, and the armor design doesn't feel very unique. (Except for the stealth armor).

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Boring, dull, with no sense of direction nor is the current storyline interesting other words, Iron Man's Marvel Now! series has been a big disappointment thus far. :(
Personally, I'd recommend simply going back and just reading Fraction's run. It's waaaaaay better than the current garbage we're getting right now.

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I'm not even reading it and it doesn't look that great.

Spend your money on Thor, Cap, and Hulk instead.

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@Kal'smahboi said:

Veeery mediocre.
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I kinda hated the first three issues and quit reading after that.

But i've never liked Kieron Gillen's work.

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Terrible, especially the art. The facial expressions are just... no. And aside from that the story isn't very compelling. I even like some of Kieron's previous work but this is unacceptable. The worst part is he can't get the Tony/Pepper relationship right. In all the books she just comes off annoying and disconnected with Tony. It isn't until issue 5 where I see a little better relationship development.

Long story short, I say don't pick it up unless you love Iron Man and come in with low expectations. I'm still going to pick up the issues for the next arc BUT ONLY because I think it ties in with him becoming a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy and I'm definitely picking up that book.

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it has a been there done that... Its another one of those generic "Ironman tries to stop X falling in to the wrong hands" but what makes it worse is that we had this exact story a few years with exact same thing: Extremis

Extremely poor book, average writing (you'd wouldn't believe this comes from the same as phonogram), bland art, incredibly boring.

Its a book written for fans of Robert Downey Jr being himself rather then actual Ironman fans, like all MarvelNOW it reeks of a desperate attempt to get new reader who saw the avengers over the summer, its been done plenty of time before, but disney are stupid enough to do it again.

I recommend going buying all of matt fractions run and the previous iron man vol (the one starting with warren ellis) read all of those and wait for the post age of ultron reboot/rebranding

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Iron Man has not been this unreadable since at least the 90's, I cannot think of a single aspect of the Marvel Now books that is acceptable much less an improvement.

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Firstly, Journey into Mystery is great. Most of them are relatively standalone too, so there'd be no harm in picking up a random recent issue and seeing what you thought about it.

Marvel Now! Iron Man has an ok storyline so far, but the few good things about it are RUINED by Greg Land's shameless, lazy artwork. Ultimate Comics: Iron Man in my opinion is slightly better, but again the art isn't that great and if you buy a limited number of books, neither are really worth your time.

For the best quality Iron Man right now, try his appearances in his Avengers books, and even the Recent A+X with him and Kitty Pryde. I'd hazard to guess he'll be great whenever he steps up to the plate in Punisher:War Zone too

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Eh, I like it, but maybe it's more of me liking the potential. The art isn't the best, but it's not the worst and I'll be more than a little annoying if the stuff that looks like brick work for down the road is just filler.  
Also the Godkiller armor(the only unique armor design for the comic) does look like crap. 

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Don't buy it, you'll be funding Greg Land and Marvel might get ideas to put him on future books aswell. It's also awful story wise so just forget it mate.

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Bad, bad, bad. At least as far as that first arc goes. But, I am interested in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy relaunch and it looks like Iron Man's next arc will tie into that so that is the only reason I'm considering checking it out...

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Meh. Nowhere as good as Fraction's run. But since he will be headed to space in the next arc maybe the change in venue will improve the book. One can hope.

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I think it's been mediocre honestly. I'm keeping it on my pull list at least through the next arc to see if it improves. It has been i impressive enough to land on the chopping block though.

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