Ironman movie discussion thread SPOILERS

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Flagged your post. I could edit out my post from over one year ago but I won't- You can't realistically look at stuff I said one year ago and try to spread rumors/hate about me for it now, for one my opinions have changed since that time, secondly I may have said insulting things to people a long time ago, mods already dealt with it and it stopped. Why would you try to start arguments/insults for no reason/respond to stuff I said years ago?

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@krleavenger: That guy again. Don't trust him. Literally, he is one of the biggest Iron Man haters here in CV.

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old ass thread

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@adriusus: I made that thread one year ago. As far as my recent posts on that same thread, there is nothing there that makes me "one of the biggest Ironman haters" like you claimed on here. Refusing to give into the bias many Ironman fans have doesn't make you a hater. That's an easy way to dismiss logical arguments though- just accuse the person making the arguments of being a "hater" instead of actually responding to the arguments.

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Based on the leaked trailers of Infinity, it looks like Iron Man is tanking a hit from Thanos.

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