Iron Man III-The Mandarin

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I'm sure a lot of avid Iron Man fans know this already, and it may have already been posted but while I was flipping through tv channels and came across Iron Man the movie. It was at the point when Raza, or the bald leader of the terrorist group that kidnapped Tony, makes his first appearance. And I saw his hand, and more interestingly the thing on his hand.


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Well more importantly the ring. Which fits in with this:

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Which then brings up the question, how did Raza not know how to use this ring to defeat Tony?

For me personally, I'm not really an Iron Man fan, but when I saw it for myself it was pretty cool to see how they would make the tie-in from the first movie to the next upcoming one.

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@colby_cheese: The terrorist organization if I recall was called the Ten Rings. I believe that was a not so subtle slap in the face about the Mandarin. I'm not sure the relation it'll have but hopefully it is addressed in IM3

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These are the same people who didn't notice what Tony was building, so let's not be surprised at their lack of intelligence. Also, I'm not even sure it's one of the rings.

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