Iron Man 3 Movie Discussion/Review (Spoilers)

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What did everyone think of the movie? Personally it was my favourite of the trilogy although there were still lots I'd like to change.

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Just saw it today. I loved it!

However I didn't like the route that they took with Mandarin. It was funny but it seemed silly. Overall it was epic ,especially the Iron Legion and the Extremis Soldiers.

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I watched it last night with my girlfriend, when the Mandarin turned out to be Trevor, we both looked at each other like "What the fuck?". Honestly ruined the film for both of us. Up until that point it was great, and the scenes with the little kid were awesome. But having the whole Mandarin parade through the trailers and promotional posters and then for it be shat on, it wasn't cool.

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@lewismcgregor: I found it funny,but overall I hated it. I suggest you put a spoiler block on this though.

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@oscars94: Especially when he chants at the football match. Well the title of this thread has spoilers on it. :)

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@lewismcgregor: I'm Irish but a lot of my family are English. I cringed at the football aswell. I know they wanted to make Aldrich Killian look more menacing but they could've had Mandarin as a real terrorist with a terror organisation. AIM could've been supplying him with weapons. Then Killian could simply kill him and his followers with Extremis soldiers.

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I'm just gonna repost the same thoughts from my blog:

  • Mandarin's storyline was a little underwhelming. I get that it served the story, but I'm foreseeing some fans of the character being upset by this
  • Loki was the best MCU nemesis, and Red Skull was alright, but Tony still suffers from a lack of an opposite. Killian and the Mandarin don't feel convincingly motivated, and as villains, are unremarkable
  • Iron Patriot feels redundant here - the original was created to replace Cap and Iron Man, but I hope Rhodey gets to go back to War Machine, we don't need two US flag-wearing heroes
  • Feels more Lethal Weapon and less Marvel Cinematic Universe. It's a good action movie, but I'm not entirely convinced it's a good superhero one - especially in comparison to its predecessors
  • A little annoyed by the lack of Tony actually being Iron Man...which considering the narration might kind of be the point of the movie, but still
  • I did think the movie was a good depiction of Tony’s genius though, how he is still a threat even without the armor
  • There are some good character moments in this, especially between Stark and the kid. I thought this was going to be another annoying kid sidekick shtick, but it turned out very entertaining
  • A lot more banter and witty comedic moments than I had anticipated, courtesy of Shane Black I suppose
  • I wasn't really convinced by the reasoning for the Avengers and SHIELD not being there to assist
  • The final battle was suitably epic, especially for the enemies, and all of the armors appearing was a f-ck yeah moment!
  • The plane scene is really one of my favorite scenes this year
  • I'm glad that Don Cheadle gets some cool action moments, even if he doesn't appear much till the later half of the movie
  • Minor nitpick, but they should've just used Mallen instead of Savin
  • I like the shoutout to AIM
  • I anticipated some of the plot twists simply because they’ve been used in the comics before – like the POTUS switcheroo and the end of the plane scene
  • I was a little saddened that all of the armors in the final battle were original designs, and not designs inspired by the comic looks. I thought it was a waste of a good opportunity to give some fanboy references
  • On that note, I still don't like the new armor. It looks like IM with most of the red paint stripped off, like a chocolate-covered nut without the chocolate
  • The biggest disappointment was that the movie kinda missed the point of Extremis. Extremis was not just fire-breathing dudes or regeneration, it's reprogramming the human body to do anything. Extremis was the natural progress of Iron Man - from a man wearing a suit of armor to a man literally being the armor. This movie...well, yeah, no.
  • I always thought it was pronounced Extreme-is, like extremist. But it’s pronounced like extra from extract in this movie. Extra-mis.

Despite the overall negative tone of my thoughts, I did actually enjoy the movie. I might need a rewatch to fully absorb the movie and formulate a full opinion, but I thought it was alright. IM and IM2 were more enjoyable, but this could grow on me.

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@veshark: I think you summed it up perfectly.

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I think the movie was ok, not great and not terrible just kinda "meh"

Things I didn't like:

  • The stupid Tony Stark/Assassins Creed scene
  • The lack of Extremis in there Extremis
  • The Mandarin being shat on
  • Tony being cured at the end

Things I did like:

  • The scenes with the kid
  • Gwyneth Paltrow in a sports bra
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Like a few others have mentioned the reveal totally destroyed a movie that up until that point i was enjoying. After the reveal more and more stuff was annoying me especially the fact that there was just to much humour in it. There was some genuinely funnny moments but a lot of it felt forced.

Iron Patriot i felt was terribly used and i hated the way they shat on the Mandarin.

I actually think it was the weakest of the three films.

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II can't believe they did the whole supposed-main-villain-is-just-a-pawn-for-another-villain thing again. It sucked when Christopher Nolan did it with Bane in TDKR. The only director who did a good job with it is Joss Whedon who made Loki a pawn for Thanos. That is because Loki was the main threat for the Avengers film and Joss saved the fact that he was a pawn for Thanos until after the credits in order to build up for Avengers 2. Future super hero movie directors should just look at how Joss made the Avengers if they want a good movie.

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THe movie was great, not my favorite Iron man movie though (Iron Man 2) , I am abit disappointed with what Shane did to the that time, I was like "WTF?!" seriously, I almost screamed it out-loud in the cinema.

But overall it's a great film, RDJ 's personal story is interesting, I cried a little, especially the credit scene, Shane shows all 3 films together, looks like a tribute to RDJ, I hope they don't replace him :'(

Guy Pearce is amazing as always, gwyneth paltrow is smoking hot, Rebecca Hall is convincing as Maya Hansen, Ben Kingsley is funny as Trever. And the Final Battle is the best out of all the Superheroes movie I've seen, very breathtaking.

Iron Man 3 ( 9.5 / 10 )

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#13 Posted by The_Thunderer (3120 posts) - - Show Bio

Anyone else annoyed at how he very casually just blew all of his suits up at the end?

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#14 Posted by PunyParker (15659 posts) - - Show Bio

Awesome movie....just saw it.

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#15 Posted by PunyParker (15659 posts) - - Show Bio

@the_thunderer: Admit it....Mark 42 was preety lame...and useless. :P

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Did anyone else not like the fact that Tony threw away the arc reactor and got "cured", or is it just me?

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I did like the post-credit scene. That was a good way to wrap up the story narrative without breaking the 4th wall.

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@julie3: Too much build up I felt post cred scene was anticlimatic

@punyparker: Regardless, the others were good!

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I felt like this was a solid film. The action,humor, story and characters were all well balanced and likable. Yes, this twist with the Mandarin is a shot in the nuts, but for the story they had, I'm allowing it to slide.

And if I may say, this had some of the best action scenes I have seen in a movie in a while.

@punyparker Sort of like the Mandarin thing, for what they were going for, I'm alright that the armor was under used a bit. It was a prototype, there wasn't much he could do with it. But when he used it, he used it damn well.

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@superguy0009e said:

@punyparker Sort of like the Mandarin thing, for what they were going for, I'm alright that the armor was under used a bit. It was a prototype, there wasn't much he could do with it. But when he used it, he used it damn well.

Yeah...also i didnt mind the Mandarin thing at all.....really,it didnt bother me(well,it did at first)

But then i flew with it....good movie,not as good as Iron Man,but good.

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@the_thunderer: I would have preferred a post credit scene about the new movies in the marvel universe. However, if a movie is going to be told like a story I always want to know who the narrator is telling it to. For me it gave the story closure. However, it doesn't compare to a post credit scene of finding Thor's hammer for example.

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#24 Posted by OldManDuncan (11517 posts) - - Show Bio


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no amount of explanations about all the armors being prototypes can possibly convince me that it makes any sense that suits or armor were being taken out left and right by low level extremis goons, be they highly trained or not. These extremis flunkies were taking down armors in a single blow, tearing them apart. Even Pepper having just completed the extremis transformation punches her fist straight through a suit of armor that can withstand heavy artillery or better yet as established in the Avengers multiple blows from THOR the thunder GOD and his hammer, one of the top tier power level characters. The massive way they nerfed the suit of armor in this film makes any notion of him battling an interstellar invasion as he did in Avengers seem ridiculous.

There were so many unexplained weird plot holes, perhaps only from a comic geek's perspective but nonetheless it came to a point i could no longer tolerate.

When they captured rhodey and were trying to extract him from the suit by super heating it and Flunky #1(aka Coldblood never named or identified as anything special in the film) tells killian that he will damage the suit, to which he casually retorts you can fix it. Like its no big thing dealing with some of the highest of technology known to man. Seconds after which we see the Iron Patriot suit back in action.

Shield did need mentioning in some fashion to explain it away that they were not present. This is an international incident directly threatening the life of the president. Any explanation would have sufficed, but if you are setting up a unified universe for all these stand alone films to exist in you can't mention the avengers in one breath for the purposes of ptsd and then ignore everything else that film set up.

Further the overarching evil plot was ridiculous and completely incoherent. How is that the type of goal that the scientist supreme and AIM would strive for? for what for money??? funding??

How about just AIM in general. AIM is meant to be composed of brilliant scientists through and through and lead by the Scientist Supreme elected from amongst them as the pre-eminent mind in their organization. Killian did not once display any semblance of being a scientist much less a brilliant one. At best he came off as the head of a criminal organization that funded Maya's research so that he could bastardise it. Where are all the rest of the scientists?? Where is any semblance of an organization for that matter. There did not seem to be anybody involved in the organization other than Killian himself. Everbody else were just extremis injected soldiers. Literally EVERYBODY. In any and all Marvel continuity AIM is a large organization ( in current continuity they have established themselves as an independent nation!) and all they get is one bullied school kid lashing out at the world who was pranked by an immature Tony Stark. ABSURD!

Referencing your point about Tony assaulting the Mandarin's compound solo with home-depot gear is also completely out of character and ridiculous. With the resources at his disposal there is absolutely no reason or urgency at that point for him to attempt something that stupid, he is no bruce wayne. At the point in the film which this occurred there was no imminent threat or any particular evil plot in play. His mansion destroyed yes but nothing to suggest he needed to stay hidden and not contact anybody or tap his vast resources and tech to help him.

It just goes on and one honestly. Highly disappointed.

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