How much of Iron Man's popularity is because of RDJ?

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I was just thinking about how popular Iron Man has gotten over the past 4 years and wondered is he only this popular because of Robert Downey Jr? I mean he wasn't all that popular before the movies and I sometimes think if a different actor played him he'd be about as popular as Captain America or Thor. Still really popular but not at the level he is now. It'll be interesting to see how popular he is once Downey Jr. eventually stops playing him, he'll of course take a dip in popularity but how big of one? Do casual fans really like Iron Man or do they just like him because he's played by the incredibly charismatic Robert Downey Jr.?

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Pretty much all of it. Tony Stark's personality is more or less based more off of RDJ lately since the movies came out. Fraction's take on Tony is at least.
I think RDJ took the idea of Tony Stark and simply brought him to life, I mean seeing video of his appearance at Comic-Con this past year just made me love the guy because he acts so much like Tony Stark would if he were real.

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Well it's a little of both. RDJ was pretty much done with movies until he got the shot for Iron Man so I doubt people just went to see it for him (I didn't), but what he did was become Tony Stark but in a way make him his own. Tony Stark was just the role he was meant to play.

Also I'm sure when he stops playing IM it'll take a dip just by the number of movies I think he would have been in by then, but yes unless they got a really good actor to fill his shoes it wouldn't be the same.

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I prefer the Iron Man NOT based off RDJ.

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the only reason he is popular is because of RDJ otherwise everyone woudnt like him because hes a douche that gets all the women and is super rich and smart.

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Iron Man has always been my favorite for what used to be mainly his bad a$! character design. The movies and recent storylines being excellent is just the cherry on top; a reward for childhood loyalty. Its been fun to watch him rise from b-lister to to heavy hitter almost overnight.

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You know there is definitely some truth to that...I think he plays the character well, and lends him a certain humanity that turns an irritating, obnoxious hero into someone with a little more depth. I definitely wasn't as keen on Iron Man until the more modern portrayal. Then again, I'm biased: I'm a bit stalky when it comes to RDJ.

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@ComicStooge said:

I prefer the Iron Man NOT based off RDJ.

I've always heard this complaint. Can someone clarify what a non-RDJ-equse Ironman would be like. To me it's like a non-JK Simmons version of J Jonah or a non-Patrick Stewart version of Professor X.

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@Jack Donaghy: I like to believe that the "comic book world" doesn't care/relate comics to the movies too often. I feel like there are casual DC/Marvel people, (i.e. movie watchers), and pretty hardcore DC/Marvel people, (i.e. most of us on CV).

I don't see a lot of middle ground, nor do i personally know any "casual" comic book readers.

Although I do think RDJ is a perfect Iron-Man, he sure didn't interest me in Iron-Man comics.

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More than Wolverine's popularity is caused by Hugh Jackman. And that is a lot.

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Ironman was never as popular as the X-men, Spider-man, or Hulk before the movie. So like 80% if we go by casual standards.

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RDJ deserves a huge amount of the credit for the Iron Man films success as well as leading the Avengers movie. Most comic movies took lesser known actors and made them stars, RDJ was already a critically acclaimed actor before doing Iron Man and brought a lot of credibility to the role.

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