Extremis In Iron Man 2!?

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So ladies and gentlemen, go check out the the new Iron Man 2 trailer and pay attention to the scene shown at 1:23-1:26 into the trailer. Anyone else notice the metallic coloured wires / veins around the arc reactor in his chest?

 Could this be the Extremis Enhancile or some other upgrade by Stark?
 Could this be the Extremis Enhancile or some other upgrade by Stark?
Also the trailer begun with a circular emblem on the Iron Man chest plate, but at roughly 2:16 into the trailer Iron Man and War Machine are fighting, as yet, unidentified enemies. But the chest plate of the Iron Man suit now sports a triangular design. 

 Coincidence or not?
 Coincidence or not?
Is it just coincidence that they happen to use a chest design that is iconic of the Extremis armour while also depicting suspiciously metallic or technological veins in Stark's chest? What does everyone else think?
I've not heard anything stating explicitly if Extremis will or will not be in the film. So I'm hopeful that these metallic veins and the chest design are a sign that at some point in the film Stark will fuse the Extremis Enhancile with his body. Perhaps not entirely like the comic depicts, but close enough that it fits in with the feel and style that suits the setting established by Favreau.
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I hope he has the Extremis upgrade too. I think this movie would be alot better if Whiplash had a FULL robot suit. But hey, who knows? They might include it in the final fight. If War Machine backs up Iron Man at the end, I'll be pissed off.
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of course you noticed the veins in his chest 
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Yeah, that's very interesting. I hadn't noticed the triangle shape but now that you mention it, you are totally right. Yunno, you might be on to something there.
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Wouldn't be a bad idea, but it is probably some minor upgrade, and/or a re-design of his suit. I doubt they would go through with something as major as Extremis, at least at its fullest.
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Couple things, just for clarity: 
-In a similar move to Nolan denying he would ever have Robin in his Batman, Favreau has stated that Extremis will not play a role in his Iron Man Universe. However, that could have been a ruse. 
-The triangular chest display is not solely linked to the Extremis armor. 
Those points stated, I wouldn't be surprised if this is a full on interpretation of the Extremis in the movie, but I doubt we'll see IM wearing a full gold bodysuit. The concept will likely have been stripped down for the film, or even to the point where Tony Stark ends up having to remove the RT from his chest, use medical technology to fix his heart, and builds a new RT setup for the Mark V (He starts the trailer in the Mark IV).

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the suit in the second picture looks different than the one from the first movie. could this be a result of the first picture?

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would be interesting but not yet defenityl not yet it would feel to rushed mabye iron man 3, hell they could even put the mandarin in it just make him extremis powered

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Extremis won't be in the movie, Tony has had other armors before Extremis that have had the triangle on it, and the image with Tony and the arc chest unit with all of those blue vains my be that he's been wearing the thing in his chest to long, and may get his heart fixed up in this movie, and seeing the second image makes me believe this idea even more.

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Yeah I noticed the triangular ark reactor it will be very interesting to see how they incorporate it into the story.
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I actually didn't notice Iron Man, War Machine was in the way xD

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a bit of a spoiler alert here. 
i dont know if its related to Extremis or not but the veins on his chest was from plutonium poisoning from the ark reactor in him. 
he made a replacement for the plutonium one with one made out of a new element and made it a triangle shape.

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