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Iron man Wanted!!

Iron man returns and faces off against a new foe. His opponent is very powerful, but he not only faces him, but also Hawkeye and Black Widow. I love Madhouse and thought the story was cool and was great to see Iron man back again, but in a longer movie than the anime series. The voice actors did a great job and it was cool hearing the Iron man theme from the anime series too. I loved how Tony was challenged and felt bad for him when he lost Rhodey, but was glad to see some Tony and Pepper in the movie. I love the animation and love the new designs to some of the characters like the Iron man and War Machine Armour. It was cool to see some other heroes like Hawkeye, Black Widow, the Punisher and Nick Fury. Overall, I'm giving it a 4/5 because the story was impressive, a great cast and a fun movie. If you enjoyed the anime, then I suggest you get this because this was a great movie and I think fans will love seeing some cool Iron man action.

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