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    Review from a newly reborn comic reader

    WARNING! Flip through this book before you buy it!
    For my regular purchases at the comic store I just identify a new issue, pick it up and add it to my stack for the week. I dont often flip through a book because I want to avoid having any of the twists and turns spoiled. This practice made me waste $4.99 this week.
    If you see this book on the shelf be sure to open it up and flip through it. Iron Man: Requiem, despite having a very Invincible Iron Man looking cover, is just a re-packaging of Tales of Suspense #39 and Invincible Iron man #144 with some filler frames written by Fraction. 
    This book may be a good purchase for someone out there, but I feel like I was just duped and wanted to get the word out that this book isn't what it seems from the cover.


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