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But They Really Shouldn’t Have

Marvel screwed up with this particular animated movie. It’s not that surprising, although their live action stuff is usually well done, but a lot of their animation projects aren’t that spectacular and leave much to desired. They did come up with a great idea of combining these two very distinct and different heroes together but they failed abysmally on the execution of the animation and storyline.

Overall, this felt like a cartoon that they created for kids aged 5 and under and packed it with special effects, monsters, and two of Marvel’s biggest heroes and then stood back and expected it to be a huge success. Perhaps kids would enjoy this, but I needed a better plot to overlook the rest. Basically, Hydra tricks the Abomination to make a big rampage to lure the Hulk in so that they can drain his gamma-charged body for an experiment to create a gamma-charged Arc Reactor. The Abomination succeeds with some underhanded aid by Hydra and then they double-cross him and stick him in the drainer too since he’s gamma-powered like the Hulk. The experiment blows up and instead creates a new creature called Zzzax. The resulting explosion attracts Shellhead’s attention and then they’re off to save the world from the menace of Zzzax.

The problem with the movie however is the storyline desperately needed some help. First off, the Abomination abruptly vanishes after the first act never to be seen again. Whut? I was rather expecting him to reappear at the finale at least, to get some payback on Hydra or help out after the Hulk saved him, you know debt of honor kind of deal? Next about midway through the movie, they interrupt things by putting a blind Hulk and a paralyzed Iron Man in the midst of a graveyard and attacked by an army of Wendigos. That made absolutely no sense to me. I figure it did sort of extend the movie by a bit, helped the duo to learn how to work together and stuff, but it felt absolutely pointless. Not to mention that the Wendigos never pop up again. But enough about the gaping plot holes, the rest of the storyline holds up OK. Hell, I loved the scene where the Hulk improvises using Iron Man as a gigantic club.

Another thing that struck me as odd was the fact that there was absolutely no other characters in this film, not even the odd background one. There were the two Hydra scientists, the Abomination, Hulk, Iron Man, and Zzzax. Oh and a bunch of Wendigos. That was all. It felt implausible, not to mention that Stark apparently has his own private Helicarrier as well.

The CGI animation however is one of the weakest things about the movie. Basically there are definite flaws in it. Even though it was recently made, the CGI looks maybe a decade or so out of date. The backgrounds and some of the colors and shading look slightly off and the electrical effects are sadly not quite up to par. I also seemed to notice that the movements of the mouths to be slightly off synch and the general movements such as facial expressions, running, and the fight sequences appeared a bit awkward and stiff.

Personally, I only liked the voice actor for the Hulk, Fred Tatasciore. He was excellent in his performance as the Jade Giant combining sarcastic humor with his gravelly voice. Fred Tatasciore’s performance shines as the sole redeeming feature in this movie.

David Kaye (Jarvis) was another voice actor who did an otherwise superb performance but really had little to do with the feature. Dee Bradley Baker was pretty lackluster as Zzzax. Adrian Pasdar was decent as Iron Man—but he had a bit of an arrogant bluster and bantering that just made him appear to be a jerk and he was acting sort of like Spider-Man as he kept trying to be witty and funny—but wasn’t.

Another oddity that I noticed that whenever Zzzax “downloaded” himself into one of Iron Man’s armors, there was this sound effect that sounded like the 1980s Transformers cartoon when they’re reconfiguring themselves.

Overall, this is one of those rent it and watch once movies at best. It really doesn’t deserve anything more than that.


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