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Now Tony can truly say "I am Iron Man"

Why Warren Ellis is so loved is because of his foresight into the future.  Besides being a gifted writer, he can acknowledge the sign of the times and write modern dystopias into out familiar worlds.  Warren Ellis does this in Iron Man, he redefines the armored avenger into a cyberpunk criminal catcher.  

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 We are living in an age where technology is changing quickly and Warren Ellis knows this when he redefined Iron Man.  Ellis takes the concept of Iron Man as a suit to save Tony's live and pulls a huge Vertigo twist with it and what Alan Moore did with Swamp Thing, Ellis provided a concept where he changed the game with Iron Man by making the powers tweaked but better.
Tony and Iron Man are one of the same, always have been and always will be and that is what makes this story great in that it solidifies the bond between them even more.
My only problem with this book was the Extremis transition with Tony too quick and kind of far fetched he could gamble so greatly and win.  This hiccup can be over looked since the overall story is great.
I highly recommend the Extremis in any format.
- Silkcuts

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