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Extremis is a great jump on point for people just starting to get into Iron Man. This story basically introduces tony into the 21st century with a huge armor upgrade. This story features good characters such as Maya Hansen, Sal Kennedy, and Mallen. The story starts with Tony at an interview giving the readers a good perspective of how he feels about people disliking him and his mistakes of the past. Mallen on the other hand obtained a serum called extremis that enhances all functions of the human body. Maya works for the company futurepharm labs which is the company that Maya created the serum for. Mallen and his friends go to a warehouse and inject the serum into his body, a couple days later he wakes up into a rampaging and powerful monster. Tony and Maya find out and Maya claims that he "stole" the serum and that she needs tony's help to stop him. Tony then finds Mallen and they get into a fight. Tony definitely was weaker than mallen so it was a pretty short fight. Tony then resolves to injecting himself with the serum before Mallen gets out of control. The extremis serum evolved Tony in many ways, he was basically a walking machine. The extremis armor was linked to him so he could control the armor with the power of thought, he could even link up with satelites. Tony then searches for Mallen before he kills the very people Tony strives to protect. They fight once again in a rather dissapointing battle. Tony believes Mallen is helpless so he resolves to firing a reulsor blast to his head which kills Mallen. At the end Tony realizes that Maya was actually behind this all along, maya was looking for someone to test her new serum out on. Overall, I enjoyed this story alot but it isn't without problems. I felt as if Mallen was very under developed and he lacked a good backstory. It almost felt like this story's only purpose was to upgrade tony's armor. It had a good plot twist and for most of it, kept me on the edge of my seat. I thought the pacing wasn't very good and the final battle lacked intensity. The story did introduce Maya Hansen which led up to future plots such as the storyline in director of shield. This story was fun and like I said, is a great jump on point for new iron man fans. If you haven't read this then go ahead and pick it up. 4/5

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