Iron Man: Armored Adventures » 52 episodes

    Series » Published by Marvel. Started in 2009-2012.

    Armed with an array of advanced technology and several state of the art armors, an adolescent Tony Stark saves the world as The Invincible Iron Man. In this slight re imagination of Iron Man, Tony Stark, along with his friends fight several enemies to find the Makluan Rings

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    Season 1 (26 Episodes)

    After the presumed death of Howard Stark, the father of a young Tony Stark, Obadiah Stane, who was a close associate of Howard, takes control of Stark Industries. He is 16 years old now and is forcefully sent to Tomorrow Academy to study, like a normal person would do. Meanwhile, evidence comes to light that a mysterious character named, The Mandarin, has some involvement with Howard's passing, along the so-called, "Makluan Rings". Now, Tony Stark must maintain his new life as a normal adolescent and be ready to suit up to find the Makluan Rings, in order to solve this problem. Besides the strange Mandarin and the power-hungry Obadiah Stane, Tony deals with the scientific A.I.M. with it's creepy creation, M.O.D.O.C., the deadly Crimson Dynamo, the fearsome Maggia and it's crew, the dangerous Unicorn, the deadly Killer Shrike, the strong Black Knight and the intellectual Count Nefaria, the lethal Living Laser, the mistress of disguise Madame Masque, the intangible Ghost, the vengeful Blizzard, the crazed Whiplash (Identity unconfirmed), the cybernetic Mr. Fix, and the viral Technovore, with "Makluan Ring Guardian" versions of the mighty Ultimo, the hottest villain ever (literally) Firebrand (based upon the comics but not any incarnation), the dreaded Dreadknights and the colossal Fin Fang Foom. These guys may be tough but Iron Man's has some help from his best friend Rhodie, his other best friend Pepper, his new friend Gene Khan, the agency called S.H.I.E.L.D. with it's bosses Nick Fury and Maria Hill, the incredible Hulk with his pal, Rick Jones, and finally the king named Black Panther. However, one of his friends is actually a traitor and they don't know when he/she is going to hit hard.

    Season 2 (26 Episodes)

    His friend and their long time ally, Gene Khan, has finally been revealed as the step-son of the Mandarin. Which means, he is the traitor all along. With the armory destroyed and his arc reactor damaged, Tony asked the help of Ho Yinsen, the man who built the reactor, to build a new arc reactor with a new armor. This is it folks, there is no turning back this time. There are only 5 Makluan Rings left to find, Tony has only one year left to take charge of Stark Industries, the Mandarin is going down, and Howard is alive and must be found. Now with a new armor, alongside armored up Rhodey who is now the weaponized War Machine while Pepper is now the battle ready Rescue, Tony will not rest until all will end with a bang. But watch out, Tony! More vile beings are after you. With Tony's armor specs are sold by Ghost to Obadiah and the younger Justin Hammer, they transform themselves into the metallic Titanium Man and the Iron Monger. On the other side, the tyrannical Dr. Doom and the magnetic Magneto join in against you. Never fear, with the sharp eyed Hawkeye and the venomous Black Widow, with some help from his friends from the past season, they will stop all of those meddling villains, with some of them your past enemies, and take them to jail, for good.

    Season 3 (No Episodes)

    The reason behind the series's state of hiatus was never confirmed. Words begin to speculate that the series has ended or cancelled. Currently, there is now word from the producers. However, they stated that they would have introduced Wolverine if the series continued. Possibly hinting that the series has been canceled.


    This series has high ratings due to their advertising campaign. Critical reception to the series were initially mixed. Many critics and fans criticize the idea of making Iron Man and most of his supporting characters younger than their comic book counterparts. A lot also commented that the graphics and the characters were uninteresting and it feels like that the tone is completely departed from the comics. Also, a lot of viewers commented that Tony's origin story is very similar to that of Spider-Man. On the bright side, the storytelling was lauded by many because of it's surprisingly good way of telling a story with the people praising the idea of departing from the cinematic take of Iron Man. It won 1 Pulcinella Award for Best TV Series for Teens.


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