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Armor Wars review

This is one of the most beloved iron man stories of all time so why not write a review. Armor wars is a story about Tony going on a quest to recover his stolen armor before it causes the very people he tries to protect harm. There is an amazing variety of villains in this story such as the controller, stingray, stilt man, the beatle, crimson dynamo, titanium man, and last but not least... firepower. The large villain roster in this story means lots of action and memorable fights. This story really got me into iron man. It really established Tony's strong and stubborn personality. The art was of course top notch considering it was done by Bob Layton. I think it also really established Rhodey's character and it portrayed Tony's and Jim's relationship. The fight with firepower was great because Tony got beat but what made it even better was that Tony made the neo-classic armor and came back better than ever. The epilogue was great because it really let the reader know how Tony felt about the things he did. This is really a great story and definitely one of my favorites.

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    While examining the armor of his one time foe Force, whom had given himself up in exchange for protection from Tony Stark's rival Justin Hammer. Tony makes a startling discovery when he learns that Force's armor contains circuitry that belongs to him. Later, he decides to investigate and learns that the Spymaster stole his technology and sold it to Justin Hammer, whom also decided to sell it to armor costumed villains. Stark as Iron Man decides to reclaim or destroy his technology at any cost. ...

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