Iron Man Armor Mk. XVIII

    Object » Iron Man Armor Mk. XVIII appears in 90 issues.

    The Model 42 or Marvel NOW Armor is the armor Tony created after Bleeding Edge was removed from his system. It was made to function as modular armor.

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    Stark decided to create new types of tech so he invented new Iron-man Amor in Black and Gold colors which is powered by large number of Repulsor Tech cores. One unique thing about this armor is that the color of Repulsor Tech Cores and Repulsor Rays is red instead of yellow or blue.

    After Iron Man was Inverted during the AXIS event, he replaced this suit with the Endo-Sym armor.


    It can be stored in a briefcase in the form of liquid metal and change it's shape in form of Armor around Stark almost instantly while being activated. The armor can be overridden in order to respond to whoever it is needed through the use of special code "Hdgk(X)=H2k(X,Q)∩Hk,k(X)".

    When Stark joined Guardians of the Galaxy, he used the tech given to him by Rocket Raccoon to allow him to remotely control the armor on Earth when his help is extremly needed while being several light years away with Guardians of the Galaxy.

    While the armor still contains usually abilities as other armors like repulsors, Uni-Beam (stronger than ever with this armor), electricity discharge, yet busters to allow flight as well as superhuman levels of strength, speed and durability, amor's primary function is the ability to attach and de-attach different kind of modules and equipment from different purposes depending on the situation which allows Stark to use different types of technology without the need of creating special armors for different task at hand. To access of modular ability and to adapt the armor to different types of technology the suit needs the aid of Stark's newest A.I. called H.E.L.E.N.

    Modules Used by this armor

    • Explosive launcher.
    • Hacking device.
    • Back thrust gear.
    • Mini Gun powered by repulsor tech.
    • Misssiles fired from wrists.
    • EMP defence.
    • Sonic Distruptor.
    • Taser laster gun.

    In Other Media

    Video Games

    Marvel Heroes
    Marvel Heroes
    • The Marvel NOW! Iron Man armor is available as an alternate costume for Iron Man in Marvel Heroes.
    • The Marvel NOW! Iron Man armor used in the Marvel Puzzle Quest mobile app game.
    • The Marvel NOW! Iron Man armor is available as an alternate color scheme for Iron Man in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite.


    Marvel Legends and S.H. Figuarts
    Marvel Legends and S.H. Figuarts
    • Hasbro later released a figure based on this armor as part of the Marvel Legends Hulkbuster Build-a-Figure wave for Avengers: Age of Ultron. The figure was a repaint of the Mark IV Iron Man armor from Hasbro's earlier Iron Man 2 series.
    • Bandai's Tamashii Nations division produced an Iron Man figure based on this armor as an Akihabara event exclusive. Released as part of the S.H. Figuarts figure was a repaint of the company's earlier Mark VI Iron Man figure from Iron Man 2.
    • Tamashii Nations later released a second Iron Man figure based on this armor, this time as an exclusive only available at the Marvel: Age of Heroes Exhibition in Tokyo. This figure was a repainted version of the Mark III Iron Man figure from the first Iron Man movie.
    • This version of the Iron Man armor was featured in the ArtFX line from Kotobukiya.
    • Sentinel produced a figure based on this version of the armor for their RE:EDIT line.

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