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After the events of Siege on Asgard and the start of Heroic Age, Tony Stark reinvented his technology to far more advanced suit of armor powered by Stark's new device called repulsor tech note. The entire Armor is made of Nano-Machines stored in Stark's body which are controlled by Stark through new version of the Extremis Virus. While Reed Richards stated that the Armor is an upgrade of the Extremis, Tony Stark claimed that information as incorrect and saying "Nah - this is what comes next". Because of how advanced the armor is it's deemed "bleeding edge".

During the events of Fear Itself Stark was fighting against Grey Gargoyle who was amped by Asgardian Magic and Uru Hammer. Seeing how Earth needs help he came to Asgard to ask Odin for help and he gave him Uru metal which allowed him to upgrade his armor into Iron Destroyer and lead Earth's heroes in fight against the Serpent. However at the end of the War Urur metal was removed from the Armor leaving only Stark's own tech.

Eventually, Reed Richards removed the armor from Stark's body as it was requested by the US government, rendered the suit completely useless and uncapable of duplicate its tech.

Because bleeding edge was removed from his system, Stark created new suit made to function as modular armor.


Bleeding Edge is actually a technology composed of millions Nano-Machines stored in Stark's body which can be mentally controled though upgraded version of Extremis Virus. Once the mental command is given, the Nano-Machines come out of Stark's body and form themselfs in the form of super advanced suit with the appearance of Iron-man Armor powered by R.T. Note in Stark's chest. Because of this it can be transformed into any type of structure once it comes out of Stark's body like clothes, other armors with different abilities and appearances and is even capable of taking forms of totally different persons and beings duo to Nano-Machines being capable of changing their functions and properties. What form the Nano-Machines will take depends on Stark's mental command and not though computer systems. It can also transform into Iron-man Armor or turn back in Stark's body whenever he wishes. The fibrous wetweb of iron and platinum that can be controlled by Stark can even form the armor in a way to create extra weapons with different finctions, appearance, size and abilities.

The R.T. Note increased Stark's intellect to superhuman levels and also enhanced his Multitasking and the abilitie to learn and process information.

The mobility Stark has with this Armor all came from artificial muscles created by Nano-Machines over Stark's skin while being assembled and are secured under external alloy of the armor also created by Nano-Machines. Because of this, the armor enhanced Stark's speed, agility and reflexes which were already enhanced at the time he wore his Extremis Armor.

It also gives the armor much greater durability than the other armors, making it almost invulnerable to damage (it was capable of easily taking some of Thor's attacks). Since the powersource of armor itself and it's functions is R.T. Note planted in Stark's chest, as long as the device is active, the Nano-Machines are capable of replicating themselfs, replcacing the damaged or destroyed ones, effectively, capable of regenerating destroyed parts of the armor or recreating the armor entirely. However it is unknow is Stark capable of regenerating his own body and not the armor like he was able to before his original Extremis was removed from his body in the events of Secret Invasion. But, since Stark see this armor as even more than just upgrade from Extremis it is possible that this seems to be the chase.

The armor is also composed of multiple numbers of Repulsors Tech Cores placed on chest, shoulders, knuckles as well as legs and back of the armor once it is fully formed. Not only that those cores give more power to the armor but also function as eyeballs for Stark's own brain, giving him 360-degree view.

While the armor contains standard weaponary and defencive capabilities like repulsors, uni-beam, rockets, sonics, lasers, pulse polts, eletricity discharge, force fields as well as a handful of others, other weapons and equipment is seems to be only limited to Stark's imagination as he can control Nano-Machines to shape shit and form any type of weapon.

Other abilities shown by this armor

  • Arm Guns.
  • Large Canons: Said by Stark to be capable of hurting strongest super humans.
  • Energy Blade: Capable of cutting Grey Gargoyle's head off who at the time was enhanced by Asgardian Magic and Uru Hammer.
  • Enhanced Magnetic Manipulation: Armor can use satelites on Jupiter to absorb the gravitational pull of the planet which enhanced the power of his repulsors as well as increased his strength and durability on the level to match Magneto's powers and eventually knock him out.
  • Enhanced Energy Manipulation: When Stark absorbed all energy of the city, his uni-beam was powerful enough to KO Mangog.


Marvel Legends
Marvel Legends
  • Hasbro released an Iron Man figure in Bleeding Edge armor for the Marvel Universe line of figures. The figure was rereleased two times. The first time it was rereleased as part of the Marvel Universe Heroic Age Heroes three-pack that came with Thor and Red Hulk , and the second time for the new line of figures called the Marvel Infinite series.
  • Hasbro released a Bleeding Edge Iron Man figure as part of the Marvel Legends Iron Monger Build-a-Figure wave for Iron Man 3. It was repainted and rereleased as part of the Avengers 5-pack, which was a European Disney Store exclusive. This version also came with an interchangeable head not included with the original release.
  • Diamond released a Bleeding Edge Iron Man figure for the Marvel Select line.
  • The Hong Kong-based toy company Sentinel released a Bleeding Edge Iron Man figure as part of their RE:EDIT line.

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