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AVENGERS DISASSEMBLED TIE-IN! "THE SIMGULARITY" PART 2 (OF 4) Some think Tony Stark has lost his battle with the bottle. Others think he can't control his violent temper. Some think he's a homicidal maniac. Even his closest friends are beginning to doubt him, wondering why he won't fend off these accusations. Spoiler: A beloved character faces a tragic end in this don't-miss issue.

Pepper is in tears in the board meeting room and in shock that Iron Man could do such an act. The police are looking for clues on the scene and beginning to clean up the mess. The police begin to interrogate Pepper as to what she saw and why she wasn't killed. Pepper doesn't mention that she saw Iron Man leave the scene. At the same time, the police are also interrogating Harold and he does mention that they saw Iron Man leaving. He also mentions, however, that he doesn't think that Tony is capable of murder.

In Virginia, Rumiko and her friend have already landed in the US and are on their way to Tony's house. They're debating if he's actually going to be there or not. They also wonder what Rumiko is going to do once she gets there. Rumiko mentions that she almost was proposed to when they were dating. Her friend cannot believe it and Rumiko goes into the story about how she knew that Tony "almost proposed". At their arrival at Tony Stark's house they have to make their way through a crowd of protestors.

In New York. Pepper and Harold are back in their house. Over dinner they discuss if Tony really killed the board of directors. Neither believe, again, that he's capable of doing such a thing.

Flashing back to three months ago, Tony is shown entering into an Al-Qaeda bunker in Iraq. He sees a large grasshopper-looking weapon in development and gets ambushed. He somehow manages to blast his way out and escape, detonating the bunker. The bunker collapses and kills all inside, including the grasshopper weapon.

Back at the Stark Estate in Virginia, Tony is in his containment cell recharging when his security alarm goes off. He checks the monitors and notices that it is Rumiko and another guest. Rumiko and friend (Oshima) aren't getting an answer at the door so they decide to go in uninvited. Walking into his living room they notice that there are a lot of spare engine parts and motor oil scattered throughtout he room. Continuing down the hall they walk past the phone. Rumiko notices that there are over 200 messages on the phone and therefore assume that he isn't home.

Just then, Oshima gets blasted with a repulsor beam and goes flying back into the wall. Rumiko looks up and notices Iron Man standing over her. She shouts "Tony!" and gets shot with another repulsor beam. As soon as she's shot, Tony runs in the room and notices what's happened. Tony picks up Rumiko and begins to walk away when he is stopped by Iron Man...?

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