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When Tony Stark is ordered to recover sensitive, top-secret materials from Avengers Mansion, his duties as Secretary of State come into conflict with his standing as an Avenger -- in the most explosive way possible!

At the Avengers Embassy in New York City, Jarvis and a federal agent are in a discussion as to why there is so much garbage piled up outside of the embassy. It appears that the embassy is sovereign territory, so the state of New York will not collect their garbage as they think they have no right to trespass.

As they proceed inside the embassy, Tony is showcasing new weaponry to the United States Military. After the demonstration they all sit around a table for a debrief. They, the Congressmen and military personnel notify Tony of a now defunct experimentation project called "Arsenal". One of these robots (Arsenal Alpha) was never fully disassembled. They notify Tony that it is still underneath the embassy and only deactivated. He requests Tony's assistance in the disassembly of Arsenal Alpha.

While they're discussing this old scrapped project inside, Falcon lands outside on the sidewalk in the midst of a crowd of protesters. They are protesting that the Avengers are not "American" and are working as free agents. Iron Man, aka the Secretary of Defense, arrives to break up the crowd and calm the situation down. They both walk inside.

Back inside now, these two join a meeting with Ant-Man, Wasp, and the Black Panther. Tony begins to tell them about his mission the disassembly of Arsenal Alpha when he is interrupted by a bureaucrat at the Pentagon. He is instructed, as the Secretary of Defense, that this mission is supposed to be classified and he is to keep it secret from the Avengers. Reluctantly, he agrees and immediately leaves the meeting to get started saying nothing more to anyone.

Tony heads for the basement, blasts through a wall, and discovers Arsenal Alpha. Just as he begins to disassemble the robot he loses contact with the Pentagon and notices that he's been followed. The Black Panther and Ant-Man have followed him all through the basement to Arsenal Alpha's location. Because Tony was interrrupted in the disassembly of the robot, he activates him instead--he couldn't hear all of the deactivation code as his transmissions were jammed by the Avengers.

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